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Friday, October 21, 2016

Headlines are deceiving, make your own intelligent opinion by watching the full video ~Share

News headlines are very misleading and what is sadder is that many people read the headlines and make opinions based on those misleading words.

Why is this? It is so because people are generally too lazy to know the truth.

Aside from that, individuals already have their own biases and it is easier to simply jump to their convenient conclusions without knowing the facts.

Yesterday October 20,2016; Duterte made another controversial and shocking announcement.  He said that the Philippines will split or separate from the US.  But one must ask, why did he say that? Was he right or wrong to declare the separation from the US?

Only by watching the full video can anyone form an intelligent opinion, because it is only when you know Duterte's reasons that you can form a counterargument.

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Duterte checkmates US,EU, CHR by getting China's Support on Drug Wars ~Share

China's vote and influence in the United nations cannot be underestimated and the Philippines needs China and Russia's support also because both are permanent members of the  United Nations Security Council,

The issue of human rights although a good one, has been weaponized and used as a tool to go after countries that defy the wishes of the United States of America.

It is widely known that President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines wants to pursue an independent foreign policy that will serve the best interest of the Filipinos. Unfortunately for the United States, what may be good for the Philippines may not serve their interest.

In the event of war in the Asia-Pacific, the United states will need a reliable ally in the region. The Philippines has been an ally in the past but President Duterte is looking for other options because he thinks that the Philippines is getting a lousy deal from the United States.

The Filipino's support for President Duterte is strong because of his war on drugs. If the war on drugs fails, disappointed Pinoys will drop Duterte, and when he is dropped a more pro-US leader will enter the political picture and secure the position of power of the United States of American in the region.

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What a powerful speech! Duterte is on the way to become a global 'anti-hypocrisy' icon ~Share

The room fell silent when Duterte started to talk. This was a different Duterte we are used to seeing. There he stood and through his words he gave us a peek into his mind, and what a beautiful mind it is. 

The man described by the elitist as an uncouth happens to be a scholar, an intellectual, and perhaps a statesman in the making.

As Duterte spoke, his words were deliberate it transfixed the audience.  At certain moments, you could feel him wanting to cry and grit your teeth as you shared his anger over the world's injustice. 

Here is a man who will be the voice of the world's dispossessed. I predict he will be a global icon perhaps rivaling Mandela.  But the greatest thing of all is that he is a Filipino and he makes me proud.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Duterte called US Amb Goldberg bakla. Is it because of the way he talks? ~Share

There is nothing wrong with being gay and I am sure Duterte is just messing around with US Amb. Philip Goldberg.

Duterte likes to play mind games and knowing how he supports and protects the LGBT community in Davao is proof that the president is just playing a game with Amb. Goldberg.

This article actually goes beyond the sexual orientation of Goldberg, it examines the role of the Philippines in regional geo-politics.  If you listen much closer to the answer of Goldberg and listen between the lines, you will realize the seriousness of the situation concealed behind diplomatic jargon.

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Ramos wants to weaken Duterte's popularity so Yellowtards can return & please the USA?

Fidel V. Ramos is double talking and discrediting Duterte. He speaks about the unity of the country but tries to weaken it by attacking Duterte.

The former President even attempted to cast doubts on Duterte's competence by casting doubt on his mental health then accuses him of dividing the country.

President Rody has the support of close to 90% of all Filipinos so how can Ramos claim that the country is divided? Divided would be when 50% of the population does not support the government.

So far, Duterte is the only President who has managed to get the communist and the Muslim separatist to the negotiating table to talk peace. In my book, Duterte is a unifier and not a divider Ramos wants to paint him to be.

FVR accused Duterte of not having an economic plan.

If only Ramos bothered to research; he would have known about the President's 10-point economic agenda which include the following:
  1. Continue and maintain current macroeconomic policies, including fiscal, monetary, and trade policies.
  2. Institute progressive tax reform and more effective tax collection, indexing taxes to inflation.
  3. Increase competitiveness and the ease of doing business.
  4. Accelerate annual infrastructure spending to account for 5% of GDP, with Public-Private Partnerships playing a key role.
  5. Promote rural and value chain development toward increasing agricultural and rural enterprise productivity and rural tourism.
  6. Ensure security of land tenure to encourage investments and address bottlenecks in land management and titling agencies.
  7. Invest in human capital development, including health and education systems, and match skills and training.
  8. Promote science, technology, and the creative arts to enhance innovation and creative capacity.
  9. Improve social protection programs, including the government's Conditional Cash Transfer program.
  10. Strengthen implementation of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law.

But Ramos is not stupid, I am sure he knew about Rody Duterte's accomplishments and economic plans. Personally, I think Ramos has more sinister intentions. 

FVR is an 'American Boy' and the US is scared that Duterte's unwillingness to be controlled by the Americans will tilt the balance of power in the region.

Duterte is bad news for American interest and his flirtation with China and Russia is not good for the US.  President Rodrigo Duterte has single-handedly changed the game in Southeast Asia and must be stopped at all cost.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Duterte was just being honest, did he do something wrong for being honest? ~Share

Is honesty really the best policy? Duterte said that the only hope of the Philippines economically is China. Did Duterte have to be so honest that we need China's help?

Among the many things Duterte said in this interview, which one did you disagree with the most?

Is it a good idea for PH to agree on joint oil exploration with China in disputed sea? ~Share

While it sounds like a great idea to have joint exploration in the disputed seas, we must also consider the environmental cost and ask other questions.

Some questions are:
  • Will cheap oil justify the destruction of the natural resources?
  • Can China be trusted?
  • What guarantees do we have that we won't be double crossed by the Chinese once they start drilling.

The basis of my questions is the article titled PH to agree on joint oil exploration with China in disputed sea.

Please read it and post your opinions so that the issue can be discussed and debate.


PH to agree on joint oil exploration with China in disputed sea

By: Daxim L. Lucas Philippine Daily Inquirer / 05:12 AM October 19, 2016

BEIJING—The Philippines is set to enter into a deal with China to jointly explore energy sources in the disputed West Philippine Sea.
The Inquirer learned that Duterte administration officials were in talks with their Chinese counterparts to finalize a deal that could see both governments work hand in hand to find oil or natural gas in what is also known internationally as the South China Sea.
“What we are looking at is a deal that will first cover exploration activities in uncontested areas,” said an administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the sensitive discussions were still ongoing.

Recto Bank
Asked about which potential areas would be considered uncontested given that China’s so-called nine-dash line territorial claim encompasses most of the South China Sea, the official said that these may be “areas closer to the Philippines, including Recto Bank,” that are firmly under the Philippine government’s control.

Forum Energy Plc. holds the license for Service Contract 72, which covers Recto Bank, known internationally as Reed Bank. The company is a subsidiary of Manuel Pangilinan-led Philex Petroleum Corp.

Pangilinan is one of the business tycoons joining the official business delegation of Mr. Duterte’s four-day state visit.

Forum Energy was licensed a few years ago by the Department of Energy to conduct a drilling survey in a petroleum exploration area, but the territorial dispute later prompted the government to issue a moratorium on exploration activities.

“We’re still finalizing it, but we will finish this deal in time,” the administration official said.
Confidence building

Another member of the delegation of President Duterte’s state visit said the proposed deal called for Philippine-Chinese cooperation to start closer to the Philippines and away from disputed reefs and islets as a confidence-building measure between both sides.

“The issue of sovereignty will not be touched,” he said, adding that once a more comfortable working relationship has been established, both sides can proceed to discuss the more sensitive areas around the South China Sea.

If sealed successfully, the joint energy exploration agreement would mark one of the most dramatic foreign policy turnarounds in recent Philippine history.

Under the aegis of US support, the Philippine government sued China in The Hague-based International Court of Arbitration, winning a unanimous decision that struck down China’s nine-dash line claims. China does not recognize the decision.

“It’s always good to build stronger partnerships with our neighbor China,” said Victor Manhit, managing director of think tank Stratbase. “But any joint exploration deal must be based on existing laws.”

Manhit noted that the Constitution, which empowered the executive branch to deal with China, was specific in its mandate that the territorial integrity of the country must not be compromised in any way.

Sovereignty issues
Manhit cautioned against using a formula first proposed under the Arroyo administration in which the Philippine and Chinese governments would conduct joint seismic explorations as a prelude to possible commercial energy deals while sidestepping sensitive sovereignty issues.
“We have to be careful because sovereignty is a nonnegotiable,” he said. “It would open a lot of doors [to other potential claimants] if we give in.”

Manhit added that current talks between the Philippine and the Chinese governments would reveal the true nature of China’s intentions toward the Philippines.

“This is a test to see if they are really our friends, or just bullying us,” he said.

FVR's statements about Duterte were way off reality he sounded like a senile old man ~Share

What? Former President Fidel V. Ramos said Duterte's first 100 days was a failure?

Is he kidding The list of Duterte's achievements is a lot more compared to any of his predecessors including Fidel's, so how can FVR say the first 100 days of Duterte was a failure?

After Ramos' public shaming of Duterte, Digong did what was appropriate. Simply ignore the old man.

Right now, my perception is that FVR is like a senile-noisy irrelevant old man who will talk to anyone willing to listen.

Ramos had his glory days and he should have ridden off quietly into the sunset.

Battle of the Brains - 2 vs.1: Who's smarter? Who Won? Duterte or Al Jazeera Reporters? ~Share

Some will argue that an interview is not a contest and since it is not a contest then there are no winners.

I disagree with that notion; in my opinion,all interviews are a contest and the interviewee is alway the one who loses big time if he or she gives unsatisfactory answers.

If done on national television, the wrong answer will destroy reputations or diminish his or her stature in society.

This Al Jazeera interview is interesting because they sent two reporters. It is in a way flattering for President Duterte because Al Jazeera probably thought that Duterte's sharp mind cannot be handled by one interviewer.

In your opinion, who won this game?

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F**k the criminals! Are they human? This is the reason I support Duterte ~Share

I felt the pain of the father as he spoke about his son then I sobbed and cried while I watched this video because it brought back bad memories of an experience I had in my younger years.  I was nearly stabbed while waiting for a jeepney on my way to my night-shift work.

Mine wasn't even a hold-up, it was simply a 'trip' for them.  It was around 9:00pm when I was sucker punched in the face. My head hit a rock when I fell and when I got up this man with a 12 inch kitchen knife tried to stab me.

I have children now and although to an extent they travel and live in a safer environment compared to when I was growing up; the constant fear about their safety still prevails.

Yellowtards who grew up privileged and live in subdivisions, shop in malls, & whose children don't walk home at night will never understand the meaning of fear.

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Yellowtards who still think they are the silent majority should see a psychiatrist ~Share

This video is proof that Dutertards rule! We are the silent majority within and outside the Philippines.

Unlike Agot Isidro (an actress imagining that she is a psychiatrist), I can only wonder if Yellowtards suffer from grandiose delusions considering that despite proof that they are an insignificant minority many still claim to belong to the silent majority.

Since I am not a mental health expert, I was just wondering if Yellowtards who claim to belong to the silent majority could be afflicted with one of these types of delusions which are often diagnosable psychiatric conditions such as: bipolar disorder, delusional disorder, or schizophrenia.

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President Duterte is a master communicator. He knows how to touch the hearts & minds ~Share

President Rodrigo Duterte is a master communicator.  Traditional news media has described his speaking style as rambling and going around in circles, but their snobbish assessment shows how disconnected they are from Duterte's audience.

The media and the academe who consider themselves as the guardians of the prim and proper look down upon folksy speaking styles for the lack of sophistication. They prefer the structured Toastmaster style because it represents elitism.

Enjoy Duterte's and learn from the real master of communication.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Feel the love & prepare your tissue or your handkerchief when you watch this video ~Share

Remember the deafening roar of people screaming Duterte! Duterte! Duterte! followed by the thundering applause when Duterte walked on stage? It is over 100 days after the elections and it feels like Deja Vu.

If you are pro-Duterte, this video will make you cry because of happiness and love of country. If you hate Duterte, this video will also make you cry because of sadness.

Watching this video feels like it is election season all over again. The excitement and the screams of the Pinoys in Brunei are so electrifying and whoever is thinking of ousting the president has to be dreaming. No other president stirs the love of country the way President Duterte does.

Duterte silences Al Jazeera reporters - throws back question they couldn't answer ~Share

A reporter's greatest reward is when they ask a question the interviewee can't answer. It is called the 'gotcha' moment.

The two Al Jazeera reporters did their jobs well by asking very tough questions and in all occasions, President Rodrigo Duterte answered the questions directly and squarely.

The reason it is very difficult to pin down Duterte is because he speaks from the heart and that he has thought through his position.

Many people will disagree with his answers simply because they do not agree where he is coming from. Taka a look at his answer about why he swore at Obama, for many, he is seen as crude but in the end, you will understand that the reason he did what he did was very deliberate. Other lesson learned from the master tactician.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Netizen MJ Reyes: DUTERTE IS MY PRESIDENT because he will protect me & my children ~Share


By MJ Quiambao Reyes

As long as I continue to see his genuine concern for the people and his actions are in accordance with the very principles I hold dear, I am with him. I will keep writing and keep posting in his defense. I will fight for him and for the people he cares for. Today more than ever.

As long as there are evil forces who are out to overthrow him and bring my country down, I will keep writing and I will keep posting in his defense.

I will continue to offer suggestions & constructive criticisms whenever necessary--coupled with real and concrete actions and be part of the solution.
I will fight for him and for the people he cares for--in every way I can and in every way I know how. Today more than ever.

We had enough of all those previous politicians and pseudo-leaders who are well adjusted to corruption, incompetence, injustice, inequality, and indifference to people's sufferings.

No way should we allow those rotten, incompetent, & greedy politicians of the past to get back in power and take advantage of our country and the people once again. Over my dead, not-so-sexy body!

 - #mjquiambaoreyes


PRRD: "You destroy my country, I'll kill you. It's a legitimate thing. If you destroy our young children, I will kill you. That is a very correct statement. There is nothing wrong in trying to preserve the interest of the next (generation)."

Al Jazeera tries to corner Rodrigo Duterte with tough questions about his war on drugs ~Share

The most striking phrase Duterte said was ''I have to strike fear' to fight the drug problem.  Weak leaders will never say this because they are incapable of striking fear. Fear is the only weapon the criminals understand and respect.

"We have three million drug addicts, and it's growing. So if we do not interdict this problem, the next generation will be having a serious problem ... You destroy my country, I'll kill you. And it's a legitimate thing. If you destroy our young children, I will kill you. That is a very correct statement. There is nothing wrong in trying to preserve the interest of the next generation.

This is part one of two interviews.

Do you agree with netizen Lito Gruet? Read before you comment or look stupid ~Share

Before you get mad at hardcore Duterte loyalist Lito Gruet for calling Duterte a Mass Murderer, Tyrant, & Dictator; please slowdown and understand the context in which it is written.

Yellowtards call Dutertards idiots and stupid, so please don't prove them correct.  Read the article before making a comment.

Ironic/sarcastic writings like these can be easily misunderstood and I guess appreciating this will draw the line between the two camps.

Shown below is Lito Gruet's post.



By Diehard Dutertard Lito Gruet 

Yes he truly is! That is why you, everyone else in social media and the general public can CONTINUE to bash and insult him!

The biased media can CONTINUE to destroy him! Self-righteous anti-duterte politicians like De Lima and Trillanes CONTINUE to blame and accuse him..... and 800,000 drug users and pushers CONTINUE to remain "alive"!

A tyrant and dictator would have "neutralized" and "silenced" everyone who goes against him or her. You would not even DARE say anything against him lest you be picked up from your home never to be heard of again. Biased media would be shut down for good and everyone arrested! And a mass murderer would have " exterminated" the 800k addicts like maggots and cockroaches to lessen the headaches! But as one brilliant politician once quoted... "Buhay pa naman kayo di ba? "

A leader who truly has the heart to save the country from all the accumulated mess and corruption left by ALL the other presidents will risk making "unpopular" decisions. Not minding what everyone in the opposition ( and international media) will say against him as long as in his heart he knows it is for the general welfare of the people... including those who hate him and those salivating to take his place.

Is he a coward and a traitor? Is he giving up the West Philippine Sea to China? It may appear so that way to many! But on the other hand he may just be saving us from certain war and destruction, in doing so PROTECTING thousands of filipino lives. With the clear and present danger of a shooting war looming because of the rising tension between China and the US, keep in mind the "war" will not be fought in US or Chinese soil... it will be in Philippine territory and can easily spill over to our mainland committing our Armed Forces to fight and endangering the lives of innocent civilians caught in the crossfire or bombings!

Now tell me... Do we want to be another SYRIA? I'm damn sure the president doesn't!

* Note: If you have read this and will CONTINUE bashing him... you can do so because the "TYRANT, DICTATOR AND MASS MURDERER" allowed you to do so!