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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Do you believe Nancy B can't afford to pay cash for that beautiful dress? Read more...

Basing on the Inquirer article quoted below, it will be safe to assume that the dress must be very expensive.
"In fact, the senator said she has not paid yet the dress as she was still asking her designer if she could pay in installments."
However considering her perceived wealth, some people will find her statement pretentious and unbelievable.

At the end of the article she said “Enjoy, bash me more,”.  Is it possible that the incident was actually a political PR move meant to gain sympathy?

In your opinion, do you really believe she can't afford to pay cash for that dress? If it is indeed expensive then why did she spend for something she could ill afford?

The full inquirer story is shown below.


By Maila Ager |INQUIRER.net7:12 pm | Tuesday, July 29th, 2014
MANILA, Philippines — Senator Nancy Binay said she has apologized to designer Randy Ortiz for her fashion faux pas and the bashing that they received because of her outfit during the opening of the Senate session on Monday morning. 
In a phone patch interview with reporters on Tuesday, Binay said she forgot her designer’s instruction how to wear her outfit –a Barong Tagalog with a bubble skirt– that it looked like a hot air balloon. 
“May kasalanan ako kay Randy. Kasi yung skirt ko pala parang may tali dun sa may palda na hindi ko nahugot…nagmukha talaga syang bubble skirt,” she said in between laughs. 
(I have done Randy wrong. I forgot to tie my skirt so it looked like a bubble skirt.) 
“Dapat daw ‘yung skirt mas maiksi daw sa harap kesa sa likod. Eh noong napansin ko, nagpalit na ako for the other gown. Sabi ko ba’t nga may tali? Hindi ko nahugot?” 
(The skirt should have been shorter in the front than the back. When I noticed it, I was already changing gowns. I said, ‘why does this have a tie? Did I forget to tie it?) 
“Kaya nga nahihiya ako kay Randy kasi parang nadamay pa sya sa bashing…Ako kasi sanay na dun e, eh siya hindi sanay sa ganun so parang nakakaguilty,” she added. 
(That’s why I am embarrassed for Randy because he has been dragged with the bashing. I am already used to that. But he isn’t, that’s why I feel guilty.) 
Binay said she immediately called Ortiz over the phone and apologized for it. 
“Tinawagan ko, nag apologize nga ako kay Randy, ‘kawawa ka naman nadadamay ka pa sa mga bashing sa akin.’ Sabi nya, ‘you know it’s ok.’ Parang at this point ng career, wala na din daw syang pakialam…plus, he’s not into social media.” 
(I called Randy and apologized to him. I told him, ‘it’s a pity you are being bashed by my critics.’ He told me, ‘you know it’s ok.’ It’s like at this point of his career, he doesn’t care anymore.) 
In fact, the senator said she has not paid yet the dress as she was still asking her designer if she could pay in installments. 
Despite criticisms, Binay said she would still keep Ortiz as her designer and they would continue to experiment on the next outfit that she would wear next time. 
“Kung hindi nila type, eh di sorry ‘di huwag n’yo akong tingnan,” she said in jest.
(If it’s not your type, then don’t look at me.) 
In a separate interview, Binay said she was already immune that she was no longer affected by the bashing. 
“Enjoy, bash me more,” she said.

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