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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Baste Duterte Interview: Why do women & men who feel they're women find him irresistible ~SHARE

Video of the Rappler interview is shown below.
A lot of girls and guys who feel they're girls are going 'gaga' over the youngest son of Mayor Duterte.  My wife told me a story she overheard.  According to wifey, Baste's home partner is getting worried because the younger Duterte is getting a lot of attention from flirty sexy women.

With a lot of women going crazy over the manly Baste; it is possible that he may be sexually assaulted if left alone in a room with women who'll find him irresistible.

If these women force themselves on Baste, he should not hesitate to file rape charges.  However, if he is as forgiving as his father, he probably won't.

Watch the video below to know him better.

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