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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Should men allow women to physically abuse & humiliate them in public? ~SHARE~

Because of the laws protecting women against violence, many women freely physically, mentally abuse and humiliate men in public (and in private) and get away with it.  While women's lib calls for the equally of treatment, men have been treated less than fairly.

A person who watched this video commented that the man should just have walked away. True, he should have walked away; but what if you live with that person, how do you walk away?  What do you do if you are the guy? Sleep in the garage and constantly run away from the fight?

As men, when another guy bullies you, the only way you can let the bullying stop is to stand up and fight.  In the case of women bullying men, men who fight back are told they are not man enough.

Please share your thoughts and comment.

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