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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Please share this post to honor this good man & not just about De Lima

I read this post on James Deakin's page and I just to share this. In a world where many are bad, it is refreshing to find a person like him.  There are more like him and their goodness must be recognized.


Friends, pasikatin natin.

Hi James. I hope you can share this.

I just have to share my experience this morning.

I rode a cab from home to the UV terminal in Bicutan going to Ayala. When I checked my blazer pocket, my cellphone (iphone6s) is gone. I checked on the side and under my seat but there's no cellphone on sight. I prayed hoping that I left it on the cab and the driver would have returned it at home. It was about 45mins ride before I got to the office.

I asked my colleague to call my no. to check if it's still ringing. Fortunately, the cab driver answered my call. He's already in BGC and I asked him if he can bring back my phone in Ayala Makati. I told him I will pay for the taxi fare that would cost him getting back to my office.

After about an hour, he texted my workmate that he is already across the street. I thanked him for making the effort to bring it back. I paid for the fare and a gave him a little more. He refuses to take it but I insisted since it's the least that I can do. I asked if I can take his picture so I can it share it. He was hesitant and avoided to look at the camera.

I just asked for his name and showed me his ID. He even gave me a pamphlet of Jehovah's Witness. I tried searching for him in Facebook but I guess he doesn't have an account. So do me a favor and please share this and maybe it will reach him or his boss and be commended for his integrity.

#RodolfoLaqui #HonestDriver quoting #ebay #PeopleAreBasicallyGood
#ThankGod #HopeForHumanity

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