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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Yellowtards mock & disrespect our fallen heroes who fought to protect us. ~Share~

What kind of creatures are these heartless Yellowtards? If they hate the president so much, why must they mock and disrespect our fallen heroes who have sacrificed and given up their lives to protect our families and children from terror?

Instead of giving moral support to our soldiers, Yellowtard trolls who go by the names Juan de la Cruz and Jerry Guevarra Ocampo posted on Facebook discouraging comments intended to demoralize and mock our soldiers.

Do these people hate the Philippines so much that they have to do this?

Have you ever heard a Yellowtard give and show support for our troops fighting the Abu Sayyaf to keep our country safe? I never have.

The Yellowtards know our soldiers have Facebook accounts which they use to keep in touch with family and friends. So what purpose does the Yellowtard Facebook post have other than to insult the soldiers and hurt the feelings of their families.

Morale is what keeps a soldier fighting during a battle, morale is what keeps hope alive when a soldier is wounded and dying, yet the Yellowtards intend to demoralize our soldiers who are out there in the battlefront.

Having said that, is it fair to call Yellowtards are traitors and enemies of the state?

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