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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Facts: 1) All drug smugglers say they're innocent 2) The PH can't tell Indonesia what to do

First things first, the Yellows are making a big deal about President Duterte allegedly telling President Widodo ‘Please go ahead if you want to execute her” while the Philippine Presidential office insist that President Duterte said "follow your own law” and “I will not interfere.”

Seriously, what is the difference in the message of follow your own law, I will not interfere. and  Please go ahead if you want to execute her'?

There is no difference in the meaning..  Indonesian law states that Veloso's crime is punishable by death. So therefore when Duterte said follow your own law, I will not interfere. also means  Please go ahead if you want to execute her'.

Once again, was this a message lost in translation? I think so, losing the message in translation is so easy and here are some examples:
  • Pepsi spooked Chinese consumers when it didn't realize its "Come alive with Pepsi" slogan translated to "Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the dead".
  • KFC mistakenly translated its "finger-lickin' good" tagline to "eat your fingers off" in Chinese.

Whatever Duterte said or did not say is really beside the point because Mary Jane Veloso is drug smuggler,

Here are some facts:
  • She was caught bringing in 2.5 kilos of heroin into Indonesia.
  • All drug smugglers will say they were tricked and didn't know about the contraband.
  • All drug smuggler have a sad story to tell.
  • If Widodo gives Veloso special treatment, it then creates a precedent and cause havoc in Indonesia's judicial system.
  • Indonesia is a sovereign state and no other country can interfere with them.
  • The Yellowtards will blame Duterte for Veloso's execution.
The basis of my comments is the Inquirer article shown below. Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

Journo in Indonesia backs Veloso report: ‘We have Widodo audio’

By: Yuji Vincent Gonzales
06:02 PM September 12th, 2016

A journalist in Indonesia on Monday stood by reports that President Rodrigo Duterte gave the go-signal for the execution of Filipino drug convict Mary Jane Veloso, sharing the audio clip of Indonesian President Joko Widodo making the claim.

Adam Harvey, ABC correspondent in Indonesia, told Widodo shared his version of his conversation with Duterte in a public forum, which was covered and reported by other Indonesian media.

“He (Widodo) was speaking to the media outside the grand mosque in Serang, Banten (for the Eid’l Adha),” Harvey said to this reporter on Facebook.

Harvey posted a raw audio clip of Widodo’s statement in Indonesian on Facebook, which he translated as: “I told him that she carried 2.6 kilogram heroin and I told him about the reasons for the delay of her execution. President Duterte then said ‘Please go ahead’ if you want to execute her.”

Based on the audio, a journalist asked “how about the legal process” on Veloso’s execution, to which Widodo replied: “Attorney general will handle it, but that’s what President Duterte said.”

But the Philippine presidential palace maintained that Duterte only told Widodo to “follow your own law” and “I will not interfere.”

Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay also claimed that Duterte only said that “he respects their judicial processes and will accept whatever the final decision they will arrive at regarding her case.”

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