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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Int'l Pinoy fashion blogger wish 1000s to die & lose their homes to teach Duterte a lesson ~Share

Most Yellowtards I know just wish ill by saying "I wish you or your family will be victims of extra-judicial-killing". But let's be fair. Dutertards do the same thing too by saying "I wish your child will be raped by a drug-crazed maniac.".

But Yellowtard Bryanboy was not contented wishing ill at one person; he wanted 1,000s to die. He wished this when he Tweeted he wished a typhoon will hit the Philippines so President Duterte can be taught a lesson.

My goodness, he elevated an ill-wish for one to an ill-wish of "mass deaths and destruction". Imagine what would happen if he had the power of God? This man surely has an evil heart.

Byranboy's real name in Bryan Grey Yambao. He used to be a web developer before he started blogging in 2014. He is currently based in the U.S.  This isn’t the first time the 35-year-old blogger was ever bashed either.

In the 2013 Fashion Week in received lots of hates and was labelled ‘appalling’, ‘disgusting’, and ‘irresponsible.’ He was also and of sending a pro-anorexia message to his impressionable audience.

But bashing is probably what he looks for, after all he probably is an attention hog.

Bryanboy is a typical Yellowtard who wants the majority of suffer at the expense of a miniscule minority (the drug pushers) so it is not surprising that he wished for a Yolanda size disaster to strike the Philippines. Imagine, he wants to punish one man by making 100,000s suffer.

What kind of heart is that? Is that the heart of a human being or a heart of a Yellowtard who wants to the minority at the expense of the majority?

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