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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Makdum disappeared when he was about to pay Matobato for a land purchase ~Share

Watch video!
This video about Matobato will make you very angry.  Imagine De Lima using this evil man as a witness.
"Sali Makdum," whom Matobato named as the foreign terrorist they killed was nowhere to be found in the Armed Forces intelligence records, however it turned out that the Makdum and Edgar Matobato were friend because their wives were cousins.

Sali Makdum's mother in law said that Matobato tried to sell gold to Makdum after he found out that he was into the "buy & selling" business.

Matobato also tried to sell land to Makdum and when Makdum was about to pay Matobato a witness said Makdum was abducted by seven of Edgar Matobato\s companions.

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