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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Netizen MJ Reyes is right, yellowtards can't ask for something they can't give ~Share


by MJ Quiambao Reyes

DISENTENG CRITIC SAYS: "Can we ask the Dut Fans to stop branding all his critics as enemies and stop spewing death threats all the time?"

MJ SAYS: "Can your so-called 'Dut Fans' also request from those self-proclaimed 'Disentes' & 'Critics' to refrain from branding them and generalizing everyone (who choose to first support this new govt.) as mere 'Dut Fans', blind followers, small minds, small dicks, and blood-thirsty?"
[Kuya, di ba pwedeng concerned din lang sila sa kapakanan ng bayan tulad mo--bagamat magkaiba nga lang kayo ng pananaw? Di ba pwedeng napapamura lang ang ilan sa kanila dahil sa sobrang pang iinsulto nyo at pambobobong ginagawa ng ilang bayarang critics?]

No one has the monopoly of knowledge and of good intention. Not the left or the right or even the middle. Not even those who chose to first extend trust and support for this govt. who you called Dut Fans. And absolutely, not also the yellows and those who are quick to judge and to criticize.


My personal appeal to all my friends here, regardless of your color & political leanings:
Please let us try to be the better man. Let us set a good example on how to remain polite in our exchanges with people of opposing views.

No one wins an argument. Often, it is better to refrain from engaging in a battle of wits with people who think highly of themselves. Just use the unfollow, unfriend, or block options wisely and whenever necessary. It will just be a waste of time and energy to debate with people who will only see and believe what they want to see and believe--just be careful and please ensure that you do not belong to that group of people I have just described.

Please always keep an open mind. Keep learning. Stay objective. Like I always say: It is always better to be more informed than mere opinionated and conceited.
Have a peaceful and blessed Sunday to you all!