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Monday, September 12, 2016

Netizen MJ Reyes' open letter to the media/CHR (If drug wars fail, why are we winning?) ~Share

Frustrated netizen MJ Quiambao Reyes vents her frustration at the media & human rights groups with good reason, they are intentionally making it difficult for our government to win the drug war.

Just recently Philippine National Police Director General Ronald dela Rosa announced that the supply of illegal drugs has dropped by 90%. That is a victory, but instead of celebrating; the press paints a grim picture so the war on drugs will stop.

While these groups criticize the efforts of our president, they offer no workable realistic solutions. These anti-Dutertes say that drug wars have never worked in the past. Really?

It is like saying that all wars (military or drug wars) have failed. These are my counter arguments.

  • Wars are won and lost depending on the leader of that war.
  • Each war is fought differently.
  • If we stop the war, then the drug lords win.
  • Human rights groups intervened in these drug wars thus tying the hands of those who fight drugs the drug lords.
  • We are winning the war on drugs now, to stop is to make us fail.
  • Drug wars in the past was never led by a Duterte.

Shown below is the impassioned open letter of MJ Quiambao Reyes 


by MJ Quiambao Reyes

Dear Foreign & Local Media, United Nations, & Hyper-Human Rights Groups,

I am a Filipino--and I detest the sensationalizing of news reports and massive disinformation against our new government and its war against drugs.

I am a Filipino--and I am grieving for the senseless killings of the innocent and real victims of these drug pushers and users.

I am grieving as well for the few others who died needlessly in this war against drugs (i.e police officers, innocent bystanders, others).

And yes, I am also grieving for the drug lords and drug pushers who died. I am grieving not because they got killed--but because they deserve a long and painful death, not a quick and easy one!

Please don't let me grieve even more by defending the drug lords & drug pushers to high heavens while forgetting the welfare of the millions of law abiding citizens in the process.

Please do not let me grieve even more by maliciously attributing each and every death on that so-called 'kill list' to the war against drugs when some of them are completely random while several others were likely perpetrated by the drug lords and drug protectors themselves. (I will not be surprised if a number of those vigilante killings were 'sponsored' by people or groups who badly want to destabilize the new government.)

If you care enough to check the real situation, thousands of senseless killings in our country has proliferated during the previous admin and long before Duterte came in. Back then, the victims where journalists, businessmen, and mostly law abiding citizens. The perpetrators: mostly criminals who were either hired to kill or were under the influence of drugs--or both.

It is unfortunate how in that 'kill list' and in several news articles, it is now the known drug lords and drug pushers killed in legitimate police operations (after they fought back and resisted arrest) who are being considered as the 'poor victims' of human rights violation. I can only cry and shake my head in disbelief!

For the life of me, can you also give importance and extend some real concern for 'humanity'?

We have 800,000 +/- (and counting!) out of the current 3.7M drug pushers & drug users who have already surrendered. Yes, that's 800,000 +/- who were NOT KILLED or summarily executed! They are in dire need now of:

a) Rehabilitation
b) Livelihood

Also, for once, can you extend a little sympathy for the poor (and real!) victims of so-called 'victims of human rights violation'? Those who were raped, robbed, and killed by those who were under the influence of drugs.

[I have included here some news clippings should you care enough to take a look:]




  1. Good job!!! MJ Reyes. My empathy for those kids that got rape and murder by these drug addicts.