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Sunday, September 18, 2016

New Improved PLAN B: Destroy the Philippine Economy to oust Duterte? ~Share

Senator Panfilo Lacson said that "Plan B" is farfetched.  The rest of the Yellows also say that PLAN B is a figment of the Duterte administration's imagination  and forms part of its propaganda.

But I say PLAN B is for real and although it might not be officially called PLAN B the objective is the same; and that is to oust President Duterte.

Here are some facts to support my conclusion that a PLAN B exist.

Political Realities:
  • The objective of all political parties is to oust the incumbent elected official whether through elections or other means.
  • The opposition will always do what it can to magnify an issue to make the incumbent look bad.
  • The opposition can also use black ops and invent issues to bring down an incumbent government.
Other facts:
  • There is a well orchestrated social media campaign to discredit Duterte's administration done by trolls and hacks who "volunteer" to troll all day like a full time job.
  • The message of these trolls are organized and focused.
  • Sites like memebusters,, Juan Nationalist, etc are professionally run and provide a steady stream of content used to attack Duterte.
  • Mainstream media twist stories to make Duterte look bad.
  • Mainstream media feeds international news agencies erroneous sensational stories.
  • Even before Edgar Matobato was presented in the senate, a video of him (with translation) was released in the New York Times and featured in an article written by By Felipe Villamor and Mike Ives and titled Rodrigo Duterte Ordered Philippine Killings, Professed Hit Man Testifies.
Why go through all the trouble if there is no plan to bring down the government of Duterte?

Ousting Duterte at this point is time is extremely difficult because of his popularity. With his economic policies all pointing in the right path getting rid of the President may even prove to be more difficult.

The only way to bring down Duterte is by eroding his popularity and this can by done by hurting the economy. Giving investors the impression that the Philippines is a wild and bloody country will drive investors away and will eventually hurt us.

If our economy suffers, Pinoys will blame the government for its plight and as a result Duterte's popularity will plummet living room for another people's power movement.

If you take away the bad publicity and look at how crime has dropped and business confidence improving, we can all conclude that we are on the way to a good start to becoming a first world country.

Unfortunately, the Yellows want to make this government fail so they can return to power and turn our country into a narco state. When that happens, the investors will flee and the economy will really sink; bringing us down with it.


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  2. Manny Pangilinan has something to do with this mess,he's a partner in the crime! Atleast in my conclusion!

  3. Davao Death Squad is a creation of media, not Duterte.