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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

VIDEO-Duterte's Obama rant provoked by disrespectful tone of voice of Reuters reporter Morales?

Some people say Reuters reporter Jerome Morales' tone of voice was disrespectful towards Duterte and the condescending way he said "human rights" may have irked Duterte and fueled his rant at Barack Obama.

If you listen to the way Morales said "human rights", he seemed to insinuate that Duterte didn't know what his question was all about.

Do you think Jerome Morales was disrespectful? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

Shown below is the full video.


  1. I think President Rodrigo Duterte has unwittingly entered the snare set by that scheming reporter of Reuters! He should have had vented his fury on that reporter alone since he did not even know if Obama will touch that issue.

    1. Well its obvious that Obama has no right to lecture the Philippines on what to do, even though pres. Duterte is doing a great job !!

  2. President Duterte emphasis regarding EJK to the foreign leaders s just a matter of fact that the stupid reporter used his name but that message is nothing against Obama it was clearly addressed to all leaders and some insights about American history flagging the Filipinos from the past, i myself dont even know that part in history until President Duterte includes in his statement.