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Monday, September 19, 2016

Video of De Lima walking out. What do you think of her fashion sense? ~Share

After sitting uncomfortably with her face crumpling while she listened to Cayetano talk, De Lima finally made the decision to walkout.
De Lima couldn't stand the pressure and face the truth.  “I cannot stand it so I’m gonna deliver a privilege speech tomorrow instead of confronting him," De Lima said.

Cayetano said in a privilege speech that “Senator De Lima, in her desire to destroy the President, is destroying the integrity and reputation of the Senate.”

Cayetano also said,“Worse, damaging the image of our country and people worldwide,”

Interviewed at the Senate hallway, De Lima when she walked out, she said she would just deliver her own privilege speech instead of interpellating Cayetano.

Why didn't she want to interpellate with Cayetano? Is it possible she got scared that Cayetano would also expose her.

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  1. Wala lang sa mga tao sa gallery. Tsupi!

  2. Nakakahiya~~~~walang pakialam ang mga tao sa kanyang pag-walk out.