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Thursday, September 8, 2016

While Pangilinan questioned "state of lawlessness" ISIS Philippines released a recruitment video.

Above, ISIS Philippines recruitment video, will Filipino Muslims head the call?

While Senator Francis Pangilinan questioned the "state of lawless violence" declared by Duterte, the ISIS Philippines released a recruitment video.

The senator's question came about when the PNP reported that crime had gone down 49 percent during the first two months of the new administration and somehow Pangilinan forgot that Duterte’s declaration of a state of emergency came after the bombing in Davao City on Friday (Sept. 2, 2016) last week that left 14 people dead and dozens injured.

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  1. His motive, if not his state of sanity, is the one that is questionable.

    1. Forget about his motive if his sanity is suspect. He came and went before leaving us crap like the 'Pangilinan Law' on minors now used with impunity by criminals to escape prosecution - why haven't we repealed that until now? Or is OUR sanity questionable.