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Monday, September 12, 2016

Why is media portraying drug pushers as innocent victims & judging Duterte guilty? ~Share

Netizen Jourdan Polotan has a point. If the drug pushers are considered innocent until proven guilty then why is the media portraying the president as guilty?  Shouldn't he be innocent until proven guilty too?

By Jourdan Polotan
Media always trumpets the numbers killed in this drug war. I agree that it's one too many. They say the victims should have been assumed innocent until proven guilty. And then they hold the President guilty of all these extra judicial killings until he proves himself innocent.

But they forget to highlight another set of numbers. 700,000+ surrendered users, pushers, dealers! Can anyone imagine that number? How many do each of this people effect? x2? x3? x5? x10? Do you think these 700,000+ would have surrendered if we continued on the so-called straight path?

Here's another number - 911. For the first time since we have a telephone, we now have a common national emergency number. After every Juan, Pedro and Maria in the telco industry said it could not be done, impossible, never ever ever...we have a 911 system in place in less than 100 days. Before this, did you know what number to call in an emergency when in Manila, Makati, Taguig, Marikina?

What about if you were in an emergency in Malitbog, or Dumaguete? Each had a different one or none. Here's another number 8888. We now have a national complaint hotline number. You have a complaint? Dial 8888. Try it.

When he said he would solve the drug problem in 3 to 6 months, no one ever said "what drug problem?". Instead, people said: Impossible. I say 700,000 less users, pushers, dealers -- that's quite solution and it's working. I'd give it a chance to work. Tomorrow is still a holiday. And I'm getting on my bike, again.W

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