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Friday, September 30, 2016

Wouldn't De Lima be the happiest person if the videos are proven to be fake? ~Share

If the sex videos are proven to be fake, wouldn't Senator Leila De Lima be the happiest person in the world?

Think about it, the Duterte admin really hyped-up the immorality issue against De Lima. If it is proven that the videos in the possession of the government are fake; that event will really destroy the credibility of Duterte.

I have seen the alleged sex video of De Lima circulating and I personally think it is fake. While the woman has a resemblance with the Senator and the guy looks like a bald Jaybee Sebastian, the woman in the video (photo shown above) is much prettier than De Lima by a mile.

Recently an article in Inquirer title 'Sex video fake, say viewers' argues that the so called evidence is fake. There has also been a lot opinion insisting that the video should not be shown in congress.

So I go back to my previous point, if it is fake then what are De Lima and supporters afraid of? If the video is fake then De Lima should be happy.

But as it turns out, Duterte may have more that one video. If I recall correctly, Duterte has three videos in his possession. Could this be a bluff? Who knows? Could the fake video circulating be a bait for De Lima? Who knows?

What do you think, please share your thoughts.

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