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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Wounded pride: The reason why PNoy must bring down Duterte. Agree or Disagree ~Share

In May 3, 2016 during a speech in Iloilo, former President B. S. Aquino vowed to fight Duterte and even said he was willing to die for his father's legacy.

More than ever, he has to work fast and hard because in less than a year the saint status of his dad and mom has quickly gone downhill and mostly thanks to him.

Although he left good economic fundamentals which even Duterte acknowledges, the cronies who he kept and protected and his failure to address the drug problem has put a stain on the Aquino Brand. Once admired, now despised as the truth about how his administration was run is now being exposed.

The rumor mill goes that what hurts PNoy the most is the label of the drug protector by virtue of his incompetence. He will be remembered as the president who nearly put the country in the brink of being a narco state.

Recently, the Yellow media has gone high gear in both mainstream media and social media propagating lies and half truths. There used to be fewer Yellow hacks and trolls on social media, but now you have the Memebuster, Juan Nationalist, Maharlika, Juan Dela Cruz, etc.... and many hacks who post Duterte attacks all day long.

Will it be hard to believe what Duterte said about the Yellow's plot to impeach him? Nope it is not hard to believe and all we have to do is remember what Pnoy said about fighting for his father's legacy.

The first rounds will be in the media (both mainstream and social). These rounds are all about winning the hearts and minds.  If the Yellows succeed in getting more support, the next step is for mass protest that will lead to People Power using the human rights issue as their main shield and weapon.

Because the Aquino family name is now on the verge of disgrace, PNoy will fight fast and hard for his father and mother's legacy. His pride is hurt and nothing motivates a man more than wounded pride.


  1. I agree yellow cares about is money on there pockets not for the people. There is no people power. But there is Change is called DU30 die for the people futures and the country. Honest Government Federalism get rid of the corruption and Drug Protector and the Drug Lord and Drug Queen of Asia.

  2. This is a prelude to a revolution by the 91% supporters of President Duterte. In fact, a lot of people wants the president to declare a revolutionary government and clean up the system with backstabbing and undermining government officials who will always want the old way to enrich themselves. I really believe there is no other way that the president can achieve in ridding the government of rotten apples except by wielding a dictatorial fist. He is fit to be a dictator similar to Lee kuan yew of Singapore. Time is running for the meantime and the president is not getting younger.