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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Wrong photo but correct facts on human rightists, bishops and "presstitutes"

I could not believe it when the Rappler story came out stating that Peter Tiu Laviña, campaign spokesman of President Rodrigo Duterte used an unverified photo to question the human rights critics of the President.

Considering that the Yellowtards propaganda machine's favorite pastime is 'meme-busting' it is unthinkable why a Dutertard would risk the embarrassment of being exposed as a liar.

In this day and age where a lie can easily be exposed, it is incredulous that anyone especially Peter would attempt to do such a thing.

Personally, I think what Laviña did was an honest mistake; he saw a picture and did not verify its source. Unfortunately, this has become a big story because he was Duterte's campaign spokesman and as a result, Duterte's critics feel they have caught a big fish and have accused him of misleading the public.

Wrong photo but correct facts

Looking at the issue objectively, you will surely agree that the only thing inaccurate about Laviña's post was that the girl was not Filipina, she is a Brazilian named Evelin Nicole da Silva Sousa.

Although she was mistaken for a Filipina, it does not change the fact that she was raped then murdered and that human rights groups are more interested in protecting the rights of the criminals rather than that of the victims.

Laviña may have used the wrong photo, but he was right about the "human rightists, bishops and presstitutes". And if I may point out too, nowhere in his post did he claim that the girl was a Filipina.

Please read his original post shown below and by the way, please leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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