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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Checkmated by Cayetano & finding no way out, De Lima walks-out to try to save face. ~Share

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano's brilliance and intelligence shines again with an unexpected checkmate that forced Senator De Lima to walkout and Senator Trillanes to smirk like saying, 'masterful move' to Cayetano.

At first De Lima and Trillanes probably thought that they could get away with material concealment by pointing out that Matobato had already mentioned his kidnapping with ransom case with the NBI during the hearing.

But Trillanes and De Lima's defense crumbled when Cayetano pointed out that Matobato's NBI case was not the basis of material concealment, but rather a case filed at the fiscal's office.

Shortly after Cayetano's disclosure, De Lima acted up and walked out instead of defending herself.

You will also notice that moments before she walked out, she seemed rather calm and composed and all of a sudden she a made a dramatic walkout scene making me think that she was not emotional but rather deliberate in her actions thus all she did looked like an act. Lights, camera, action!

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