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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Do you agree with netizen Lito Gruet? Read before you comment or look stupid ~Share

Before you get mad at hardcore Duterte loyalist Lito Gruet for calling Duterte a Mass Murderer, Tyrant, & Dictator; please slowdown and understand the context in which it is written.

Yellowtards call Dutertards idiots and stupid, so please don't prove them correct.  Read the article before making a comment.

Ironic/sarcastic writings like these can be easily misunderstood and I guess appreciating this will draw the line between the two camps.

Shown below is Lito Gruet's post.



By Diehard Dutertard Lito Gruet 

Yes he truly is! That is why you, everyone else in social media and the general public can CONTINUE to bash and insult him!

The biased media can CONTINUE to destroy him! Self-righteous anti-duterte politicians like De Lima and Trillanes CONTINUE to blame and accuse him..... and 800,000 drug users and pushers CONTINUE to remain "alive"!

A tyrant and dictator would have "neutralized" and "silenced" everyone who goes against him or her. You would not even DARE say anything against him lest you be picked up from your home never to be heard of again. Biased media would be shut down for good and everyone arrested! And a mass murderer would have " exterminated" the 800k addicts like maggots and cockroaches to lessen the headaches! But as one brilliant politician once quoted... "Buhay pa naman kayo di ba? "

A leader who truly has the heart to save the country from all the accumulated mess and corruption left by ALL the other presidents will risk making "unpopular" decisions. Not minding what everyone in the opposition ( and international media) will say against him as long as in his heart he knows it is for the general welfare of the people... including those who hate him and those salivating to take his place.

Is he a coward and a traitor? Is he giving up the West Philippine Sea to China? It may appear so that way to many! But on the other hand he may just be saving us from certain war and destruction, in doing so PROTECTING thousands of filipino lives. With the clear and present danger of a shooting war looming because of the rising tension between China and the US, keep in mind the "war" will not be fought in US or Chinese soil... it will be in Philippine territory and can easily spill over to our mainland committing our Armed Forces to fight and endangering the lives of innocent civilians caught in the crossfire or bombings!

Now tell me... Do we want to be another SYRIA? I'm damn sure the president doesn't!

* Note: If you have read this and will CONTINUE bashing him... you can do so because the "TYRANT, DICTATOR AND MASS MURDERER" allowed you to do so!


  1. Great insight! Thank you for your candid thought.

  2. i do not care whatever names they call him, i still support and i truly believe in our president