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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

F**k the criminals! Are they human? This is the reason I support Duterte ~Share

I felt the pain of the father as he spoke about his son then I sobbed and cried while I watched this video because it brought back bad memories of an experience I had in my younger years.  I was nearly stabbed while waiting for a jeepney on my way to my night-shift work.

Mine wasn't even a hold-up, it was simply a 'trip' for them.  It was around 9:00pm when I was sucker punched in the face. My head hit a rock when I fell and when I got up this man with a 12 inch kitchen knife tried to stab me.

I have children now and although to an extent they travel and live in a safer environment compared to when I was growing up; the constant fear about their safety still prevails.

Yellowtards who grew up privileged and live in subdivisions, shop in malls, & whose children don't walk home at night will never understand the meaning of fear.

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