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Friday, October 21, 2016

Headlines are deceiving, make your own intelligent opinion by watching the full video ~Share

News headlines are very misleading and what is sadder is that many people read the headlines and make opinions based on those misleading words.

Why is this? It is so because people are generally too lazy to know the truth.

Aside from that, individuals already have their own biases and it is easier to simply jump to their convenient conclusions without knowing the facts.

Yesterday October 20,2016; Duterte made another controversial and shocking announcement.  He said that the Philippines will split or separate from the US.  But one must ask, why did he say that? Was he right or wrong to declare the separation from the US?

Only by watching the full video can anyone form an intelligent opinion, because it is only when you know Duterte's reasons that you can form a counterargument.

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