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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

HOW EMBARRASSING: Full video of how De Lima was caught hiding important information ~Share

READ THIS - Audio of this video starts after 2 minutes
After Senator Dick Gordon exposed De Lima's concealing of important information that could alter have altered the investigation early on, De Lima walks out.

Also shown in this video is Senator Trillanes defending his actions on why he sneaked Edgar Matobato out of the hearing during the time the policemen who he accused of killing Makdum were around to confront him.

As it turned out, the NBI has a pending case of kidnapping with ransom against Edgar Matobato and Senator Leila De Lima did not reveal this information at the beginning of the investigation. Although Matobato mentioned the case against him in passing, had De Lima explicitly revealed this information at the beginning of the hearing, the committee could have saved a lot of time.

After Senator Gordon exposed De Lima's hiding important information, the lady Senator then proceeded to get into a hysterical outburst then walked out.

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  1. Delima and trillanes may hangganan din kayo, God knows, wala kayo maitatago...

  2. what goes around comes around.. karma has no menu, you will serve what you deserved,... shame on you de lima and trillanes for fooling those Filipinos who voted for you....

    1. Funny ! Hilarious! Delima who is so often times interfere and even answers for motivator saying there is no time for her to insert information about the nbi records? She's witty but when caught STUPID AND moron! Amnesia to the maximum...fairness is always claim by her for criminals...but she can accuse and throw dirt to the presidents name as she she wish! Senate should not conclude about a criminal like motabato!BUT SHE AND TRILLIANES THESE TWO IDIOTS ALREADY CONCLUDED THE PRESIDENT AS MASS MURDERER!! TERMINATE THIS WHOLE CLOWNERY AND FILE A CASE OR SUSPEND THESE TWO MORONS

  3. Kahit di ako abogado pero i am very sure nagsisinungaling si delima at halatadong pinagtatakpan si matobato...arestuhin na yan susmeeeeeeeeeeer putang ina nakakasawa na sayang gastos sa hearing

  4. i do appreciate the neophyte sen. Pacyao for declaring the chairmanship of delima VACANT so may i call again the brave senator to declare the hearing null and void ab initio because the delima trillanes conspiracy along with the other senator drillon and hontiveros are just protecting themselves against the possibility of being involved in the drug trade . they are just using the senate in query in aid of legislation to derail the campaign of the government against drug trade industry, corruption and criminality,