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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Huh? Trillanes' dared Duterte to a blood test so the senate's reputation won't be tarnish? ~Share

Paolo Duterte has the reputation of being the badboy son of President Duterte. Many rumors about him being involved in illegal transactions have surfaced but have never been proven.

Last week, Senator Sonny Trillanes who according to Senator Dick Gordon loves being constantly in the limelight probably saw another opportunity when Paolo made a comment about knowing a senator who uses cocaine.

Taking advantage of Paolo Duterte's bad boy image, Trillanes threw a bait which he probably thought Paolo wouldn't accept. Unfortunately for the Senator, Paolo accepted the challenge and now he looks dumb.

In accepting the challenge, Paolo Duterte suggested they undergo the drug test at a high-precision drug test center in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, which he said could show illegal drugs in hair samples.

He said that the hair follicle drug test can trace seven major classifications of drugs, including cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine, marijuana, ketamine, and benzodiazepine.

Trillanes' challenge was for the two of them to have a drug test together.

”Sa akin dito, dapat same standard, kung mag a-accuse sya, eh di sabay sabay. Saka hindi yung urine lang, blood talaga,” said Trillanes.

Trillanes said Duterte was probably hoping to discredit the Senate where members heard self-confess killer Edgar Matobato claim that the oldest son of President Rodrigo Duterte was a drug addict.

“Siguro para magkaroon ng doubt, ma tarnish yung image ng Senate. Hindi naman eh. The faults of an individual senator cannot tarnish the integrity of the whole Senate‎,” said Trillanes.

“Basta ako I’m sure that I’m not that senator. I believe siguro kung mapapangalan nya eh di mas matutukoy natin. Pero kung blind item yan, mahirap pa yan,” said Trillanes.

But if Trillanes' real intent for the challenge was to clear the name of the senate, shouldn't he have thrown the drug test challenge to the senators too? That way they can flush out that senator.

By the way, I have heard about that rumor too but I won't mention the senators' name.

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  1. Trillanes, it seems soon you will land in the mental hospital.It seems you had not done nothing good to our country. I doubt if this man is normal.You have to know bright man does not behave the way you behave, so upsetting.It seems you are hiding something,that is why you want the president out in his post.Why? Who are you to judge him? If you had done many good things, why didin't you win during the election.Don't you remember, how it feels inside a prison cell? That is the pace where you will land for the second time and the time your life to last in the darkest dungeon because of your stupidity and power hungry. You are nothing but a damn man that dwells aimlessly on earth.How I wish your soul depart from your body forever so your sins won't accumulate and our country will have at least a little consolation.

  2. His children will forever bear the brunt of his doomed legacy

  3. No legacy to be proud of! A propagandist!

  4. Yan ginagawa ngayun ni Trillanes , yan ay isa yan sa mga symptoms ng Megalomaniac, Ang Megalomaniac ay isang condition of MENTAL ILLNESS (SAKIT sa PAG IISIP) that causes people to think that they have great or unlimited power or importance. or PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER with symptoms like delusions of grandeur(Greatness o FEELING NIYA NA Sisikat SIYA) and an obsession with power and Attention BUT MORE ON SEEKING FOR A GREAT ATTENTION. O siya ay isang Narcissistic personality disorder. Ang taong may ganung karamdaman ay NAG SASASALITA ng KAHIT ANU ANO o GAGAWA ng KAHIT ANU ANO, (PANSININ NIYO KUNG PAANO SIYA MAG SALITA) kahit mali o katawatawa BASTA MAPANSIN LANG SIYA at makuha niya ang kanyan sariling interest.