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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ramos wants to weaken Duterte's popularity so Yellowtards can return & please the USA?

Fidel V. Ramos is double talking and discrediting Duterte. He speaks about the unity of the country but tries to weaken it by attacking Duterte.

The former President even attempted to cast doubts on Duterte's competence by casting doubt on his mental health then accuses him of dividing the country.

President Rody has the support of close to 90% of all Filipinos so how can Ramos claim that the country is divided? Divided would be when 50% of the population does not support the government.

So far, Duterte is the only President who has managed to get the communist and the Muslim separatist to the negotiating table to talk peace. In my book, Duterte is a unifier and not a divider Ramos wants to paint him to be.

FVR accused Duterte of not having an economic plan.

If only Ramos bothered to research; he would have known about the President's 10-point economic agenda which include the following:
  1. Continue and maintain current macroeconomic policies, including fiscal, monetary, and trade policies.
  2. Institute progressive tax reform and more effective tax collection, indexing taxes to inflation.
  3. Increase competitiveness and the ease of doing business.
  4. Accelerate annual infrastructure spending to account for 5% of GDP, with Public-Private Partnerships playing a key role.
  5. Promote rural and value chain development toward increasing agricultural and rural enterprise productivity and rural tourism.
  6. Ensure security of land tenure to encourage investments and address bottlenecks in land management and titling agencies.
  7. Invest in human capital development, including health and education systems, and match skills and training.
  8. Promote science, technology, and the creative arts to enhance innovation and creative capacity.
  9. Improve social protection programs, including the government's Conditional Cash Transfer program.
  10. Strengthen implementation of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law.

But Ramos is not stupid, I am sure he knew about Rody Duterte's accomplishments and economic plans. Personally, I think Ramos has more sinister intentions. 

FVR is an 'American Boy' and the US is scared that Duterte's unwillingness to be controlled by the Americans will tilt the balance of power in the region.

Duterte is bad news for American interest and his flirtation with China and Russia is not good for the US.  President Rodrigo Duterte has single-handedly changed the game in Southeast Asia and must be stopped at all cost.

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