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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Revisiting the 2016 Presidential debate. Did Roxas know the questions in advance? ~Share

Let's revisit the 2016 Presidential Debates and the allegations that the questions for Mar Roxas were leaked and as a consequence, Mar answered the questions so eloquently.

Based on this video, it appears that the answer of Roxas appeared on the screen even before Mar finished answering the question.

Naturally, the audience wondered 'how would the typist of the caption' know Mar Roxas' answers in advance and speculated that the questions were leaked thus giving Mar an unfair advantage.

Debate observers noticed how Mar answered the questions with the facts and figures to support his arguments and fitting the time allotted to him.

Mar's defenders say that Roxas was simply very prepared for the debate.

Watch the video and make your own conclusions?

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