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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thankful that crime has dropped, Netizen MJ Reyes' writes this open letter ~Share

Netizen MJ Quiambao Reyes' open letter to President Duterte


Dear Mr. President,

Thank you deeply & congratulations for the significant drop of crime rate w/c you have achieved in so short a time.

I & many others have started to feel the positive results of the serious war you have waged against illegal drugs which you did so selflessly for your countrymen even at the expense of being portrayed as a blood-thirsty monster-executioner here & abroad. For that & more, I can only thank you and pray for you.

Mr. President, the battle against illegal drugs & criminality is by now half-won. I understand that the momentum is on your side and that you will not want to stop until the last drug pusher/lord is behind bar or below the ground. While I appreciate your passion, may I also beg you to please consider delegating this matter now to your equally passionate & competent general, CPNP Bato?

Please, Sir, let your good general continue what you have successfully started. Let him finish the job of cursing, threatening, 'dividing-and-conquering', and 'neutralizing' the players of illegal drug trade--so you can now focus on other equally important matters such as, but not limited, to the ff:
  1. Rehabilitating & turning the 3.7 M addicts/pushers from liabilities into assets
  2. Waging serious war against graft & corruption (including prosecution of corrupt officials from previous admins & installation of a public finance system that will prevent corruption & misuse of public funds)
  3. Alleviating poverty & improving quality of life
  4. Improving the worsening traffic situation (w/c consequently also affects our economy)
  5. Inviting more quality & sustainable direct investors (to replace the vanishing 'hot money')
  6.  Strengthening our foreign relations to as many possible allies (w/o burning bridges or creating new enemies)
Mr. President, even w/out declaring Martial Law, you already have an enormous power in your hands now--and here I am referring to the 91-97% of our population who believe in you. You have successfully brought back the trust & confidence of the people to the govt. Needless to say, millions of Filipinos adore you. Some are even willing to fight and to die for you and for our country. You have 91-97M who will rally behind you. I beg you now to please use this great power wisely to bring about real change and achieve inclusive & more sustainable growth for this generation and next.

May you always do what's truly best for this country and the people. And as you do so, may the odds be always at your favor.

Your #PartnerForChange & #ThinkingSupporter,

MJ Reyes

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