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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Battle of the Brains - 2 vs.1: Who's smarter? Who Won? Duterte or Al Jazeera Reporters? ~Share

Some will argue that an interview is not a contest and since it is not a contest then there are no winners.

I disagree with that notion; in my opinion,all interviews are a contest and the interviewee is alway the one who loses big time if he or she gives unsatisfactory answers.

If done on national television, the wrong answer will destroy reputations or diminish his or her stature in society.

This Al Jazeera interview is interesting because they sent two reporters. It is in a way flattering for President Duterte because Al Jazeera probably thought that Duterte's sharp mind cannot be handled by one interviewer.

In your opinion, who won this game?

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