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Thursday, October 6, 2016

This video are for people who 'think' & not for those who only like political drama ~Share

What is Duterte's game?

Jose T. Almonte Former National Security Advisor and Director-General of the National Security Council is a very profound thinker with deep love of country grounded on his Christian faith.

His insight into the way Duterte thinks and his sophisticated understanding of regional geopolitics will give us a rare glimpse of what is store for us.

It will challenge our thinking of the status quo.

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  1. very good observations of joe almonte

  2. very good observations of joe almonte

  3. Great information given here. Very well said Secretary Almonte. President Ramos was lucky to have you during his term. Thank you for an eye opener session. Truly learned a lot watching this from a brilliant man. Please meet President Duterte very soon. You will be a great help indeed.

  4. This is pure objective statecraft discussion, absent of politics.

  5. Parang masarap maging journalist, front seat ka sa nation-building.

  6. wala talagang mga common sense itong mga journalists na ito, hindi information ang hinahanap sa discussion kundi tsismis or gulo.