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Friday, October 21, 2016

What a powerful speech! Duterte is on the way to become a global 'anti-hypocrisy' icon ~Share

The room fell silent when Duterte started to talk. This was a different Duterte we are used to seeing. There he stood and through his words he gave us a peek into his mind, and what a beautiful mind it is. 

The man described by the elitist as an uncouth happens to be a scholar, an intellectual, and perhaps a statesman in the making.

As Duterte spoke, his words were deliberate it transfixed the audience.  At certain moments, you could feel him wanting to cry and grit your teeth as you shared his anger over the world's injustice. 

Here is a man who will be the voice of the world's dispossessed. I predict he will be a global icon perhaps rivaling Mandela.  But the greatest thing of all is that he is a Filipino and he makes me proud.

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  1. President Duterte is man to be reckon with. Can the US and EU do it?

  2. Philippine Pres. Duterte, One of the Explosive Weapon among the World Oppressed Country Open firing against the Resistance of a Combined and Corrupt Oppressor Empire in the World..

  3. America dominates its mandate to most 3rd World and Striving for survival Developing countries across the Globe through its Imperialist style of Foreign agreement and policy... Extend a little Aid which is payable through Loan account and in exchange for their Aid is a Tremendous Coloniality to a recepient Country thats why USA and most existing Empire in Europe getting greater and greater because of their their Theory of taking disadvantageous Motives to the Poor Country.. Why like that America,, you no Friend ..? You Enemy of the Poor ..? Are you not satisfied of being Reach from the mandates of others..? Dont use God in Account better use Devil..

  4. A cynic excusing his barbarism with the wrongs of others. Got news for him: 2 wrongs don't make one right. Populism and cynism.

  5. what a lot of bullocks. now compared to Mandela? what an insult to the great man Mandela! i am consoled by the fact that many have opened their minds to the farce that is Duterte. do not be fooled. it may be too late.

  6. His life is in danger because he puts the people first before his own interest. It is a miracle for the Philippines, a poor country, to have a president who is not corrupt as the past presidents were. Do not view Duterte from your personal point of view but from your objective point of view , put yourselves into the state of the people suffering from poverty and of hunger, that hundreds of Filipinos die from hardships even before the international audience clamors of extra judicial killings. the Filipino Nation is a victim of an absolute corruption, and Duterte is making a stance about it.

  7. President Duterte is a dictator in the making. Please do not compare him to Mandela, as they are not equivalent. If at it stands today, not a 100 years ago he feels that U.S. has slighted the Philippines, then he needs to categorically cut the relationship. In truth, the U.S. does not need the Philippines, and is in their best interest to bow out. China has been looking for rich economic resources to plunder and the Philippines is rope for the taking. President Duterte has already offered it to them. If he thinks China will treat Filipinos as an equal, then there he should go. Good luck with that.

    1. Are you an American or a Filipino? what are you saying? How does Mr. Trump told that we are strategically need by US. Don't close your mind. Your crab mentality will be forever pulling our country more poorer and beg for other country to be their dog. You are insult to Filipino people.

  8. I'm an American, but you and President Asshole are both fools. Do you really think China and Russia want or need your country in any way? Duterte said "its China, Russia and Philippines against the world". Really?? Really?? Do you really think Russia and China give s shit about your country?? The first sign of any conflict in the Philippines, believe me, you're on your own. Once our military bases are out, the GREAT FILIPINO PRIDE will have to defend themselves. You said your country is treated like dogs, remember, the Chinese love to eat dog. You'll be a Main Course.