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Thursday, October 6, 2016

White House smart enough to know what Duterte means but yellowtards don't ~Share

Peter Wallace was right when he said ‘White House is smart enough to know what Duterte means’.

Let's put it this way, the US government is not run by childish people who react to insults.  These are pragmatic people who assess a situation not by feelings but rather how certain events and scenarios will affect their interest.

Putin has thrown a lot of insults at the US and this did not result in a nuclear war. North Korea and Iran have done the same verbal provocations at the US and it lead to nothing. Why, because it did not affect them.

Duterte knows this too, he can throw a lot of insults to the EU, US, UN, etc.... and it will not result in sanctions for the country.

Duterte's mouth is just part of his posturing and as he said in an interview with Al Jazeera when asked how he intended to stop drugs and crime in six months, Duterte answered 'because of my persona'.

Leadership is all about projecting power and his mouth is the projector.

Having said that and as what businessman and economic expert Wallace said on Wednesday, 'the White House is "smart enough" to weigh on the verbal attacks of President Rodrigo Duterte against the United States.

Last Tuesday, Duterte launched fresh tirades against US President Barack Obama, saying he could "go to hell."

As Peter Wallace said to reporters in the Palace, "It's his manner of speaking, right? It's his expressionism. He doesn't mean for Obama to go to hell, right? It's just the way he talks, right?"

"I'm not sure that the foreign community will ever be able to understand it but I think people in the US government will, right? I think the people in the White House are smart enough to know that what he's saying is not what he intends," he added.

Wallace, an Inquirer columnist, believes Duterte only wanted an "equal partnership" with its allies.

"I don't see him as trying to divorce himself from America. That would make no sense, right? He's just trying to establish an equal partnership and that's a different thing," he said.

The businessman said the public should not take Duterte's words literally.

"The way he talks is not the way in which he thinks," he said.

Wallace said the President only wanted to be "a truly independent country."

"He's trying I think to establish that the Philippines is a truly independent country. It is no longer a colony of the US. It is no longer subservient in any way to the US. It wants its independence and in a fairly dramatic way that he's trying to put that across, right?" he said.

In the same press briefing, presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella said the government's independent foreign policy also meant that Duterte wanted an "equal footing" with other countries.

"He wants the Philippines to be on equal footing with others whether they are big or not. He wants just an equal footing," Abella said.

"It is basically expressing an independent foreign policy that it is not exclusive---that it is inclusive. That we are not to be held down by just one treaty," he added.

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