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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pacquiao must be laughing at the BIR for freezing his assets. They turned him into a.....

I don't think Manny Pacquiao is sad over BIRs freezing of his assest. I am inclined to believe that he and his political allies are rolling in laughter at this administration's big political blunder.

The BIR elevated  Manny's  position from hero to "persecuted hero".  Whoever thought of freezing Manny's assets obviously did the administration a big disservice. As the saying goes, "with friends like these would needs enemies."

Sure, the BIR may have been enforcing the law; but couldn't they have waited a week or two before freezing Manny's assets? Or if they wanted to freeze his assets, maybe they could have frozen only the amount Manny owed them.

Whatever the reason for freezing Manny Pacquiao's assets, one thing is a fact.... the administration looks bad.

Pacquiao symbolizes Filipino resiliency.  A Filipino who despite defeat overcame the shadow of humiliation. Many speculated that Manny was a "has been", yet Pacquiao rose from the ashes like a reborn Filipino hero.

The fight was dedicated to the people of Tacloban.  For the people of Tacloban, Manny's victory symbolized the City's rise from devastation. They also looked forward to Pacquiao's promise of financial assistance.

This administration is still reeling from the criticism of the way they handled Yolanda and is bruised by the pork barrel issue. Does this administration really need to hammer its own head? How much more self-inflicted wounds can this government take?


  1. This is an example of twisting facts.

    1. The BIR did not freeze Manny's assets right after his victory over Rios. The BIR issued a writ of garnishment on August 1, 2013, more than 3 months before Manny's fight in Macau. This whole hullabaloo started when Manila Bulletin erroneously reported that the Court of Tax Appeals froze Manny's bank accounts, not because the BIR issued a press release. Only then did many people learn that Manny has problems with the BIR.

    2. Only 2 banks reported that they have bank accounts in Manny's name. One is for P800,000.00 and the other is for P300,000.00, or a total of P1,1000,000.00. Where are Manny's billions? Can't he even keep his money in the country?

    Stop romanticizing Pacquiao. Pacquiao fights for money. Arum negotiates the best deals he can get for Manny. Whatever glory the country gets is reflected glory that the people universally accrue for themselves. When Marquez knocked out Pacquiao, I did not think of the Mexican people as a great people because of it. And I'm sure neither did you. Pacquiao defeated Rios because he was the better fighter, not because the Filipinos are resilient.

    Let's not allow the psychic income from Manny's victory get in the way of the government's law enforcement. Manny is not above the law. I applaud this administration's effort to enforce the law. Evading to pay the correct taxes is trampling on the poor Filipinos who depend on the government for assistance especially in times of calamities. Pacquiao is not a sacred cow. He should face his problem with the BIR squarely, the way he faces his opponents on the canvass, Instead of engaging in ad hominem and ad misericordiam argumentation in the media, he should seriously talk to his lawyers and accountants on how to settle his tax problem.

    1. I wish to correct myself. The BIR garnished Pacquiao's bank accounts even earlier on July 1, 2013, not August 1, 2013, more than 4 months before his fight with Rios. So, he cannot complain that the garnishment was timed after he arrived from Macau.