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Saturday, May 10, 2014

11 Reasons to BOYCOTT PRODUCTS Kris Aquino endorses

Please share this if you want our living nightmare to stop.

Some people adore Kris Aquino and some don't.  I don't! 

If you dislike Kris Aquino, the only way to banish her from TV is by punishing her sponsors by boycotting the products she endorses.

11 reasons why we should boycott the products so her show will STOP!

  1. She embarasses the country.  In her interview with Foxx, she bragged that many consider her “the Oprah of the Philippines.”.  Oprah Winfrey has an intelligent show and Oprah does not brag, Kris Aquino's teaches people to be boastful instead of humble.
  2. She embarrassed Filipinos (again) by bragging to lead star Andrew Garfield of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" that the movie of her son, “My Little Bossings,” beat Spiderman in the Philippine box-office.  Was that necessary? Ang yabang nya!!
  3. She is a bad role model for children. Children will think that it is okay to brag.
  4. The way she talks is very annoying. We already know she is rich, but does she have to talk like that.
  5. She is vulgar.  In one of her shows she had the gall to ask a guest "you're so you like me?" 
  6. She has an annoying voice that sounds like fingernails scratching the blackboard.
  7. She is a scandal magnet.  Kris goes after young and athletic boys like James Yap and has had relationships with controversial figures.
  8. She is a bad role model.  She gives young girls the impression that it is OKAY to have a relationship with married men.  Aquino had a live-in relationship with married actor Phillip Salvador with whom she has a son named Joshua.
  9. She talks about her private life in public. Did she have to tell the public she had STD? Oh, I forgot it is good for business and the show's ratings hit the roof.
  10. Her annoying endless laughter that goes HAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAYYYYY!!! and gawwwwwwwd!!! It drives me crazy.
  11. There are more reasons and you can fill-in by writing your reason.

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