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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

7 traits that will make you stand out & attract a great guy

I came across this article from and I think this article was written by women for women. 
I wonder what guys think about this? Men are simple and we don't over-analyze stuff like these.
One of the most admirable traits that will make you stand out to a great guy is your level of decisiveness. For women, at least for me personally, there is nothing more unattractive than a guy who doesn't know what he wants or a guy who seems super unstable. In my eyes, indecisive guys are guys who give empty promises because they themselves don’t know what they want or what they’re looking for. The same holds true for guys who are looking for a good girl to call girlfriend. There is nothing sexier than a woman who is sure of herself and can show that through planning out the details for a date or expressing her opinion.
This trait in a woman is also incredibly sexy to a guy. You know the book "Why All Men Love Bitches", right? It’s proof that men, especially men who are looking for a great catch, will more likely than not fall in love with the woman who shows off her independence and the “I don’t really need you” kind of attitude. Sure every guy wants to feel loved and wanted, but they thrive on the “chase” when you’re in the flirting stage. It’s super desirable to chase after the one who knows who she is in her own skin.
Not only is it attractive to a guy to show independence but also confidence. Girlfriend, if you don’t like the “clingy” guy, what makes you think your guy will like or want to be around the “clingy” girl? He won’t. So feel confident that you’re hot and can get any guy you want! Confidence is not really something that can be “learned”. You truly have to dig deep and coach yourself to feeling confident in your own skin. No matter what you’ve gone through in the past, let it go – you’re now living in the present and you can be anyone you want to be with a new guy! Take hold of this confidence and show him what you got!

Most women in our age group are extremely “cookie-cutter” meaning: most girls dress alike, talk the same, and act the same. How can women possibly stand out in a sea of typical “Kim-Kardashian-Wanna-Be’s?” Men look for women with a sense of personality who are down to earth and unique in their own way. The girls who fall in the category of “cookie-cutter” typically wheel in the guys who only want a one-night stand or a random hook up every now and then. If you’re searching for a great guy, attract him with your own uniqueness.
Men searching for a potential girlfriend want to be sure she has a great sense of humor. The best moments are those when a girl who is comfortable with herself and knows she’s a great prize can simply laugh off an embarrassing moment or shake off drama when it arises. Relationships shouldn't be stressful and they shouldn't be dreaded – have fun with your guy, laugh, be flirty, and have fun!
Taking a chill pill every now and then is not only healthy for your own sake but also for your guy’s sake! An informal poll of men and coworkers at SheKnows website concluded that one of the top traits men look for in a girl is her easygoing attitude. The men who took the survey said they do not like or want a girl or wife to make a big deal about everything and freak out at the drop of a hat. Just chill, girl!
People test each other all the time. It’s not necessarily a good thing or a bad thing but naturally, human beings want to feel mutual respect and want to build trust with other human beings. The same holds true in the relationship hunting process. Being a woman of your word will go a long way with a great guy who is searching for a a trustworthy and honest girl.
The bottom line is you deserve a great guy so start acting like it and start believing it! Which of these traits do you think stands out the most to attracting a great guy?

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