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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Davao City Weird News: Taxi driver arrest girl who gave him oral-sex

Weird news from Davao City the Philippines.

Super Balita Davao newspaper reported that a taxi driver named Mario conducted what may be considered a citizen’s arrest against an 18 year old woman who gave him oral sex.

According to the report, a taxi driver named Mario brought an 18 year old girl identified as Shine to the Sta. Ana Police Station in Davao City for allegedly stealing his money. 

The police desk officer narrated that the taxi driver said "that he noticed Shine’s hands making its way into his pocket but did not mind it since he was enjoying the blow-job".

He decided to take the Shine to the police when he realized that his earnings worth Php1,000 (which was intended to pay the taxi operator) was gone.

However, Shine denied taking the money and instead accused Mario of not paying for her services.

The two decided to amicably settle.

Click the link below to read the full Super Balita Davao story "Nagpa-blow job mireklamo"

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