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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Can wine make you lose weight? If yes, this is the happiest way to lose weight..

The evidence is impressive. Researchers kept tabs on nearly 20,000 normal-weight women for 13 years. Over time, the women who drank a glass or two of red wine (like the Fat Bastard Shiraz) a day were 30 percent less likely to be overweight than the non-drinkers (they tracked women who drank liquor and beer too, but the link was strongest for red wine).

That’s not surprising, since vino has other benefits. "It’s rich in antioxidants that reduce cholesterol and blood pressure,” says Jana Klauer, a New York City physician specializing in nutrition and metabolism.

One reason wine may contribute to a healthy weight is that digesting booze triggers your body to torch calories.

“Women make smaller amounts of the enzyme that metabolizes alcohol than men do, so to digest a drink, they have to keep producing it, which requires the body to burn energy,” says Dr. Klauer.
That means you're likely to see more of a benefit than your guy since his body doesn't have to work as hard to digest a glass of the grape.

Alcohol also may burn calories due to a process called thermogenesis, says Lu Wang, MD, PhD, the lead study author and member of the division of preventive medicine at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Alcohol raises your body temperature (one reason some people get red cheeks when drinking), causing the body to burn calories to create heat.

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