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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Red wine & chocolate increases intelligence. The reason is very interesting. Find out why...

"Fat Bastard", fine French wine
by Thierry & Guy
A chemical found in both dark red wine (like Fat Bastard wines) and chocolates can boost the ability of the brain to solve complex problems.

Research has demonstrated that a chemical substance called polyphenols has a dilating effect on the blood vessels, thus, improving the blood supply going to the brain.

This mechanism increases the oxygen and sugar delivery to the brain, and it permits us to solve complex problems with ease.  Pretty cool.

Indulging on foods that are rich in polyphenols can increase intelligence even in the younger generation who appears to have their brain already functioning at its full capability.  (No, I'm not advocating wine for those under legal age, but chocolate has no such restrictions.)

Keep in mind though that these health benefits are only limited to modest quantities. Red wine should only be consumed in moderate amounts and not on a daily basis. Dark chocolates are also the preferred type of chocolate if you want to take advantage of these brain enhancing benefits.

Remember, the next time you crave for a glass of red wine, don't forget to enjoy a bar of luscious dark chocolate with it.  You might even discover a flavor match you want to share.  Now that’s genius!

Fat Bastard French wines can be bought at D+B Wines at the Crossroads, Banilad , Cebu City,Tel. (032) 2330832 or Mobile: 09991940639.  They have over 300 wine brands to choose from.

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