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Sunday, June 8, 2014

What's Sandra Cam's motive in threatening to release a SEX VIDEO of Justice Sec. De Lima?

Online news reported that Sandra Cam threatened to release a sex video of Justice Sec. Leila De Lima and Cesar Mancao and also that of her driver.

However, even if the sex video is real it does not have anything to do with De Lima's job performance. If Sandra Cam wants to discredit Justice Sec. De Lima it should focus on the merits of what De Lima is "paid to do".

If it is true that De Lima had sex with these two men, the more troubling question is who has the capacity, resources and skill to presumably entrap/lure De Lima into this situation and then video tape it?

Doesn't this sound like scene from a CIA movie about the "dirty tricks department" wherein someone sets-up a scandalous situation for future use?

Another question is if the alleged sex video is eventually released, is how will their sexual performance be rated.

This reminds me of the first FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover who had a dossier of everyone's secret.

Full story is shown below.

Uploaded on 6/7/2014
Reporters: Chi Bocobo, Jove Francisco

B60 | Nagbanta ang presidente ng Whistleblowers Association of the Philippines na si Sandra Cam na isisiwalat ang diumano'y sex video ni Justice Sec. Leila De Lima kina Cesar Mancao at sa isa pang drayber. Alamin ang buong detalye sa panayam nina Jove Francisco at Chi Bocobo kay Sandra Cam (Video edited by Joey Hernandez; Uploaded by Seph Ubalde; For any concerns, you may E-Mail us at

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