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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sacred? Why isn't Poe rushing for DNA exam to quell citizenship & Marcos connection? ►Photos

It's been rumored for a long time that Grace Poe is actually the love child of Ferdinand Marcos and Rosemarie Sonora who happens to be Susan Roces' sister.  If this is true then Grace Poe is the niece of Susan Roces and Susan Roces is a liar and making a fool out of us for a long time.

Since Grace Poe is running for president, the question of her citizenship has become a bigger issue. The only known accurate and legally acceptable way to prove she is a Filipino is to confirm that she is in fact the daughter of Marcos and  Sonora is through a DNA test conducted by a reputable DNA testing facility.

Susan Roces and her sister Rosemarie Sonora during Dolphy's 80th birthday.
Proving that she is a Marcos may have three advantages. The first is that it settles the issue of birth citizenship, second; she'll have the support of Marcos loyalist, and third; she'll become an heir to the alleged vast wealth of the Marcoses.

What I find surprising though is why she doesn't simply submits to a DNA exam.  I would imagine that any person who suspects he or she is a Marcos offspring would be dying to prove the connection because of the huge advantages.

Similar droopy eyes
The biggest loser
If it is proven that Grace Poe is in fact the daughter of Susan Roces' sister Rosemarie Sonora and Marcos, then Susan Roces will be seen as one big liar who has been fooling all of us.  Will you trust the word of Susan Roces if this was true?

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