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Monday, March 28, 2016

Watch video of 100s of people walkout during Grace Poe's speech. Sign of her downfall?

Is this a sign that Grace Poe is losing support? This could be the effect of the UP debate held in Cebu which has shown that she is really inexperienced.

It is possible that the audience realized that Poe is just a good speaker who memorizes her sales pitch just like a good salesperson should.  But we have to remember that the President is also the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines who will lead us in times of war. 

Poe's embarrassing answer to Duterte's question on “What she would do if she was awakened by a call that two of our warships were attacked by China” have left Filipinos scared of her lack of leadership and inexperience.

Grace Poe never had a leadership position.  She has never been tried & tested in times of crisis. China will test her if she wins just like Pres. Putin of Russia tested the weak US President OBAMA. 

Rappler reported that  "– Even before presidential bet Grace Poe and running mate Francis Escudero could speak before a crowd at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum in Manila, hundreds of attendees already left the event hosted by an organization of their senatorial candidate.

Kaagapay ng Manileño, a group of poll watchers for the elections, is an organization founded by outgoing Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno.

Minutes after Moreno finished his speech on Sunday, March 27, the crowds inside the jam-packed coliseum became visibly thinner, as hundreds of Moreno supporters – all clad in white – continuously left the venue.

Not even the emcee's appeal to the supporters convinced them to stay and wait for the speeches of Poe, Escudero, and the other senatorial bets."

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