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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Caught in the act! Liberal Party Envelopes distributed in 'political gathering' for QC Mayor Herbert Bautista, solon, councilors

Envelopes distributed in 'political gathering' for QC Mayor Herbert Bautista, solon, councilors
Published April 20, 2016 11:42pm

Employees of the Quezon City government were caught red-handed distributing brown envelopes believed to contain cash in a gathering of barangay workers.

An exclusive report by GMA News reporter Steve Dailisan said they were tipped off that cash was being distributed to barangay workers in the sports complex owned and managed by the Quezon City government, along Roces Avenue in Quezon City.
One of those who queued and received an envelope said they were members of the Lupon ng Tagapamayapa (peace and arbitration council) from the city's districts 1, 3 and 6.
The source said they were invited to attend a political event and were asked to to line up for snacks and collect a small brown envelope.
Some participants claimed that reelectionist Mayor Herbert Bautista and unnamed city councilors spoke at the event. Quezon City Rep. Rey Calalay was also reported seen at the event.
The two officials did not respond to calls and text messages sent to their phone numbers.
Bautista, an actor turned politician, is eyeing a third and final term as mayor. He is challenged by Alexander Lague, Leon Peralta and Martin Sanchez Jr., all virtually unknown aspirants. 
Calalay meanwhile, is up against preacher and former congressman Vincent "Bingbong" Crisologo.
One of those who attended the Amoranto event said the officials were campaigning for votes.

“Siyempre, inano nila na iboto sila eh,” he said.
Some of those seen manning the desks where the envelopes were distributed were employees of the Office of the Mayor and the Office of the City Administrator.
Two men who also attended the event denied getting envelopes with cash and said they were just given snacks as he showed his hand holding a bottle of water and a pack of crackers.
Another participant however, opened the envelope and showed that it contained a P1,000 bill.

When GMA News went to the lobby of the stadium where the envelopes were being distributed, those in charge denied they were handing out something.

“Hindi po ako authorized magsalita," one said. As another said, "Wala po. Wala po.”
City Administrator Aldrin Cuña admitted that the Lupon members were indeed invited to attend a "political event" but he denied that the city government was behind it.

“It’s actually a political gathering. Obviously, ‘pag ganyan, campaign period, you can expect candidates to be there, to be explaining their platforms of government. Of course, courting votes. These are candidates from Liberal Party and invited community leaders of Quezon City,” he said.

Cuña said that the money inside the envelope was the transportation allowance of the participants..

“Pamasahe lang nila iyon,” he said.

When told that some of the participants left the stadium on board marked government vehicles, Cuña said: "Service yun ng mga barangay. Sa mga barangay officials yon."
Cuña, a long-time aide of the mayor, denied they were engaged in vote-buying.
“I do now know if you call it vote buying. That’s for their transportation,” he said.

Cuña stressed that the money did not come from public funds. Rather, they are from the contribution of the candidates. — APG, GMA News


  1. Duterte/Cayetano is the Best Team to be President/Vice President of the Philippines 2016 !!!!!

  2. Public or private funds, it is still vote buying and violates the omnibus election code.

  3. Vote for Duterte involved. Taos pusong ibibigay ng taong bayan ang kanilang boto para kay Duterte.

  4. Mangatwiran pa..iwan ko ba bakit may mga taong ganyan. Kayang sikmurain ang maruming sestima..

  5. sangkot din yang mga yan! mga leche kayo! pinimigay niyo galing din sa bulsa ng mga mamamayan! dapat idisqualified mga LP! puro nalang pandaraya ang alam niyo!