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Friday, April 29, 2016

Do you agree that Trillanes is pure evil? Atty. Rivera thinks so. Read this & SHARE your thoughts

Lawyer Bruce Villafuerte Rivera minces no words to show how much he loathes Trillanes. Read what he wrote and write a comment. Let your thoughts be heard.

Senator Trillanes is PURE EVIL
By Bruce Villafuerte Rivera

Senator Trillanes came out with a list of account numbers worth P2.4B allegedly pertaining to Mayor Duterte. And I say with conviction, is that what you can do? You did the same to VP Binay and you are doing the exact same thing to Mayor Duterte. Before even talking about your credibility, let me raise some points:

First, who authorized you to look into these bank deposits when it is only the AMLAC and a court order that will give someone the authority to snoop into these accounts. If the banks will not vouch for the veracity of these statements, then these are merely malicious accusations. You do not need to dare the Mayor to open his accounts because it is unfair to ask him to do something while the others are conveniently left alone.

Why don't all of you, including you, Sen. Trillanes open all your bank accounts so the Filipino people will know your real assets. Remember, Duterte has never been charged with plunder to justify looking into his bank assets. No one in his right mind will file a case because if you see his lifestyle, no breath of imagination will justify plunder. Why don't you look at your friends and ask the same question. Also, no self-respecting bank will admit this is real because it will run the risk of placing its existence in jeopardy. Imagine tomorrow, all BPI depositors who are supporters of Duterte will withdraw all deposits. Sir, just because you have a piece of paper that has numbers in it does not mean we believe it.

Second, why don't you file plunder charges and let your evidence speak for itself. Who knows, kung manalo ka, ikaw ang papalit kung ma impeach si Mayor. Remember that the government charged Napoles with looting P10B. And how much were you able to prove? None. Just the fact that she kidnapped Luy and viola, life imprisonment.

Third, and I am talking simple, plain and honest logic. Do you think, Mayor Duterte, a lawyer, a seasoned public servant, a certified wise guy and street smart would opt to deposit a very big amount in a couple of local banks outside of Davao and here in Manila, within striking distance of the enemy!! Kung magnanakaw si Mayor, hindi naman siya ganun katanga? Hindi din kami ganun katanga to buy your story.

And now let us go to why I should not believe your story. First, you are a jilted lover. You went to Duterte and asked to be his running mate. He did not chose you. It was a very sound decision for Mayor. Because nobody wants someone like you. You began your career as a renegade soldier who occupied a hotel because you were too lazy to hold ground under the heat of the sun.

Second, you are a liability in public service. Even when you are still in jail, your office in the Senate is the largest employer of consultants and most costly. And what is your output? Zero legislation. You managed to smear VP Binay, though. You are the reason why Grace Poe can confidently run for President because if an inept Senator whose only claim to fame is to make accusations, baseless or not and hide under the protection of immunity can aim for VP then why should she aim for the same position, she definitely did more work.

Third, you hated Binay like he was the evil man who stole from the coffers. You never hated Duterte. In fact, I am sure you loved his guts only that you did not have the Visayan balls that can withstand even cataclysmic typhoons. You just hate him now because he is getting in the way of the status quo and your are the attack dogs of the oligarchs. That is why we hate you too. Not just the Dutertands but everyone who pays taxes and knows better
After all, we paid you to make laws and you have not only done that but you brandish this flaw in your character like it was something endearing and lovable.


  1. Very well said, Atty. Bruce Villafuerte Rivera!

    Trillanes doesn't even know the law, how can he make one? No wonder he has zero output in the senate.

    This publicity-hungry traitor is only a waste of government resources, and therefore must be removed from the senate and banned from ever holding any position of authority.

    I hope he'll be put back in jail where he belongs. But this time, for good.

  2. He should be flashed in the toilet and stay in the sewers for good!

    1. No... he should not be flash in to the toilet rather put him in a cemented drum and throw it to the ocean.

  3. Trillanes, replace boy abunda, he's into retiring soon, you will be better doing gossips than being a legislator. Doon ka bagay LOL!