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Monday, April 25, 2016

Duterte CRITIC creates malicious photoshopped meme of innocent woman. Share!

If you know who did this, please contact Ms. Kat Sy.

This is what she wrote on her Facebook:

WHOEVER MADE THIS: SHAME ON YOU! I HAVE NOT AUTHORISED YOU TO USE MY PICTURE AS COVER PHOTO of your video ( just the one me standing beside mayor, the one kissing is NOT ME). I am not even part of the actual video content, it's just the mayor talking in it! So do not deceive ppl!
Took this photo when i met the mayor for a shoot, as i narrated here how he has made an impact on me based on his DECENCY, GENUINiTY & HUMILITY.
Most anti-'s would always highlight his flaws, and call the Mayor's supporters names, acting all self-righteous,,, But what about this? Isn't this wrong that you've used my photo without me knowing? It makes me sick to my stomach bec you use me in BLACK PROPAGANDA,
PEOPLE WHO DON't know me, or have not seen the whole video might jump into conclusions by just seeing such headline and my face on the cover!!!!
I am a woman. and Yes, I am very much violated! You talk so much about women's rights? What about this? i'm minding my own business, and then you associate me with malicious content???? that is just FOUL.
Kindly, share so ppl will know the truth. This is just NOT RIGHT,,,Thanks!
Kat Sy

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