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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Story of a human rights lawyer who defended Duterte despite the 'rape-joke'

This is a repost from Facebook

Pls let me share this with you...

Yesterday after i saw the video of the "Rape Scandal" i was hesitant to call my Mom (she's a human right lawyer and shes voting for Duterte) because i'm thinking that there would a big possibility that she changed her mind overnight because of those videos! But after lunch i really needed to talk to her about it, maybe because I'm a woman i am affected with those videos. So i called her up!

Me: Mom, did you open your FB?

Mom: yeah! Why?

Me: have you seen the latest issues about mayor Duterte?

Mom: yeah! Kaninang umaga pa!

Me:  hmmm so what can you say about it? As a human right lawyer, as a Woman?

Mom: why? Are you having second thought of voting Mayor Duterte? You see my Dear, Election Day is not that far and We can't deny and even big media stations can't deny that Duterte is surging fast. They will really do everything in their power and money to throw muds and dirt to Mayor Duterte. Try to watch the whole video its not as bad as the edited one. If Mayor Duterte is not the big name in 2016 election they will not mind that joke! They will just let it pass. But then, for now all eyes were in Mayor Duterte, they can't dig anything to destroy his records especially his achievements to his supporters that's why they are using this tactics. Believe me, dear joke will be forgotten next month but the problem in our country is thousand folds more important than that joke!

Me: so are you trying to say that you are okay with his joke?

Mom: No, dear im not saying that his joke is okay with me. But look at the bigger picture. Mayor Duterte's mouth is his only failure, he's not a good talker why? Because its not his attitude to impress his supporters or his people, his attitude is " okay lang if iboboto ninyo ako, if ayaw nyo okay lang din" now compare him to other candidates? Other candidates promised a lot of things, all the government projects, bribes, etc but use your brain my Dear, they are already in highest Government position for the longest time bakit di pa nila ito nagawa? And how sure are we that they will do their promises in the next six years? Other Candidates have their own problems and issue but they don't face it, they just kept quiet, they don't deny or confirm it, all their speeches were the same in every rallies, they have advisers along with them. While Mayor Duterte he spoke directly with his heart, he don't have prepared speeches to impress the people. I am for Mayor Duterte because he is indeed human, he had flaws, he made mistakes and apologized. He got balls to accept his mistakes. Candidates who are too perfect, refined and respectful is kind of scary for me, it seems to me that they are hiding something in public. Now dear, if you are still in doubt just remember the vote that you will be making for May 9 is not just for you, its for every Filipino in this country. Because i am sure, crime rates will go down the moment Duterte enters Malacanang, believe me.

Me: so you are still for Duterte?

Mom: ofcourse Dear, me and all of the other Human Rights are still with him. His mouth problem is only petty problem, compare to bigger problems if any of the three undeserving candidate will win. Crimes, oligarch, corruption is much bigger problem if you think of it wisely.

Me: ok Mom, thanks


  1. He might have a bad language but a good action. Others may have good language but no good action. I'd rather go for Du30!

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  3. wow grabeh ang talino ng anak at ang talas ng memory. Biruin mo na memorize nya kahat ng sinabi ng mommy nya na napakahaba. wowwww...

  4. LOL. I find it hard to believe that the mom is a human rights lawyer. Duterte's death squad's atrocities is reason enough for a real human rights lawyer to not want to defend him. Can you provide the link to the facebook page where you got this? It looks like fabrication to me. The dialogue is iffy even if there weren't many grammatical errors. Long story short, it looks like a TV spot. A poorly made one at that.

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    2. te ikaw ee kung cno botohon duterte lang ang deserving na maging presidente.. naive ka!

    3. You want only promises? Go for either Binay, Poe or Roxas. Never mind Santiago.