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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tulfo wrote the Grace Poe will seek revenge (Find out to whom) ►SHARE FOR LOVE OF COUNTRY

Reading this story written by Ramon Tulfo (shown below) is really scary.

My fear of her becoming the President of the Philippines is not only because she is inexperienced, it is because find that Grace Poe has a serious character flaw.  She is a liar.

She lied in her certificate of candidacy (COC) and which was called an honest mistake, she lied during the debate in Cebu when she said she did not sign the Coco Levy Bill but actually did, and finally when she was in the USA, Grace used the SSN (similar to our SSS id number) of a dead person who had the same name as her to buy a house.

Grace Poe is a very dishonest person and some people want her to be the President of the Philippines.

Shown below is the article written by Ramon Tulfo

Legacy of unforgiveness

A friend told this columnist he heard Sen. Grace Poe saying in a radio interview that she would “get back” at the person who was responsible for the death of her father, actor Fernando Poe Jr., if she wins in the presidential election.

Although the neophyte senator didn’t mention any name, my friend was sure she was referring to former President and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.


If my friend heard right, then Poe wants to take revenge on GMA who beat her late father in the 2004 presidential election.

Allegations of cheating hounded GMA with the eruption of the “Hello Garci” scandal, where she supposedly talked over the phone with an official of the Commission on Elections regarding election trends while ballots were still being counted.

Granting that, why would Poe still go after the former President?

Hasn’t GMA suffered enough being in jail while waiting for the verdict in the plunder and graft cases filed against her?

Besides, FPJ died of aneurysm, a congenital defect, and was not ordered killed by GMA.
Why would she attribute her father’s death to his defeat at the hands of GMA?

If Grace did say she would get back at Gloria, it shows a vindictive side to her character.
We’ve had presidents who are vengeful, like the late President Cory and her son, President Noynoy.

If she becomes our next President, Poe will carry on Cory and Noynoy Aquino’s legacy of unforgiveness.

If Poe becomes our next President, the country will be ruled by another person who has the vendetta mentality of a Mafia boss.

*                              *                          *

It’s amazing how so many people can’t see through Poe’s insincerity.

Her very smooth answers to questions during the first and second presidential debates seemed mostly without substance.

Her answer to a question at the second debate about what she would do as President if she was roused from sleep because China had sunk two Philippine Coast Guard ships, showed her to be shallow; she would get up from bed, she said.

Poe’s glibness reflects her being insincere, as most glib talkers are.

Con-artists are glib.

Do we want another insincere leader?

*                               *                       *

About P47-million worth of sugar stock inside a warehouse at the Batangas Sugar Central in Balayan town is missing.

The sugar stock—25,759 sacks in all—belongs to Dynamic Triple C Marketing Corp.

The sugar central is a repository of the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA) of all sugar stocks harvested in Southern Luzon.

Under the law, all sugar stocks are to be turned over to the SRA, which deposits them in the warehouses of sugar centrals, before these are released to their dealers.

Since Dynamic Triple C sugar was harvested in Southern Luzon, the Batangas Sugar Central was its repository.

But due to mishandling, Dynamic Triple C’s stock had gone missing.

This columnist learned about the missing sugar because the Dynamic Triple C management complained to the public service program “Isumbong Mo kay Tulfo.”

I called up Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala about the complaint.

He said he would take it up with SRA Administrator Regina Martin.

But up to now, the missing sugar has not been found.

Dynamic blames Ignacio Santillana, chief of the SRA legal office, for sitting on the complaint.

It seems Martin doesn’t have a hold on her subordinates.


  1. This is Heavy. I would treat this as true (fact) unless otherwise Grace Poe answers this very damaging accusation. Silence in this very damaging of great magnitude is not an option to a person seeking the Highest Office of the Land. This accusation can be verified e.g. SSS number from the United States if it's true or not.

  2. The opinion of Tulfo is respected but the accusations should be proven in court otherwise it becomes tsismis.

  3. Grace was handpicked by the CIA just like FVR, Cory & Pnoy. And for those who didn't follow the rules of the of CIA did end up in jail or asylum like FEM,ERAP,GMA. In the coming election only Duterte & Marcos who doesn't want to play their game which will make their political life miserable.

  4. You forgot to mention that during the FAST TALK portion of PILIPINAS DEBATE,she was asked by Velasquez kung anong ugali ng Pilipino ay dapat mong baguhin...Ang sagot niya ay MABILIS DAW MAGPATAWAD ANG PILIPINO.