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Saturday, April 30, 2016

What if the BPI bank account scandal was a trap set by Duterte for Trillanes?

Here is a fun for stress relief.

My overthinking mind spun the possibility that Duterte is playing a game with Trillanes. From what I know of Duterte, it is said that he keeps his cards very close to his chest because he does not want to be predictable.

A day after the news of the 'BPI account' broke out, I talked to a friend who is familiar with Duterte; he said the Mayor has habit of keeping his opponents constantly off balance by being unpredictable.

I was going to write about my own 'theory' when I chanced upon the article featured below on  To the author's credit, he or she has a better 'theory' than me.

Duterte BPI bank scandal a trap set for Trillanes?
Credits to the author
Saturday, April 30, 2016 

There are now papers floating around that the BPI account in Julia Vargas has a running balance of around Php22,000xx from March 2015 to March 2016. It's peanuts, and Trillanes makes a big fuzz about it? Sonamagan, even call center agents would have this kind of bank accounts; definitely does not show a corrupt DU30.

And then, Trillanes talks of 42 real estate properties, but mostly owned by the children of DU30. Yet, the first one that media checks is a unit in P Guevarra, which is only valued at 2.3 million. Even ordinary employees could buy such unit. That could hardly buy just the main door, an imported antique, in the house of Binay, which has been valued at 15 million, yes just the freaking door by itself.

What is this, they are again using trial by publicity, which they effectively used on CJ Corona whom they accused him of having 80 properties. In the end, it comes out Corona had only four properties, three of which was purchased for investment purposes only. I don't think this black propaganda will work this time — sawa na ang publiko sa style ng dilaw. ….. Why don't they investigate this cabinet secretary, who is part of the inner circle of PNoy, who gifted his mistress with Php400m house — yes, his mistress, not his wife? The grapevine has been talking about this for quite some time already.

How stupid, Trillanes took the bait. He said he got his info from his network of informants. I have a feeling the DU30 camp fed the info thru the ISAFP hoping it would end up in the hands of one of the candidates. Trillanes who must still have some connections in the military was of course the first to get into the trap. Thinking he got the scoop, he immediately called a press conference, also baiting Roxas in just after a couple of hours. Poor Roxas, I think he will be cursing at Trillanes on Monday.

The two have to realize DU30 has been in more tight spots than what he is facing today. Just look at the map. Going south, from Digos going to Gen San or Makilala/ Kidapawan, or east, starting from Panabo/Tagum, or north, all the way to Valencia and Malaybalay, Davao City is surrounded by some of the most dangerous places. You are talking of private armies, small groups of bandits, and all sort of rebels, organised or not. They can say whatever they want about Davao City, but no one will deny it is an oasis in that general area which is so dangerous. This could not be if DU30 has not become a world class expert in negotiation.

This is where I think Manila underestimates him. Indeed, DU30 keeps his cards very, very close to his chest. He probably learned that the best way to negotiate with dangerous people is to allow the other party to see him as weak. They will always be mistaken if they underestimate him. Crass, uncouth, probably, but he is more sophisticated than anybody in Manila, and it will surprise many. He is the face of Sun Tzu in politics.

I think Monday we will see the election as over; a Senator resigning and a candidate withdrawing. Abangan natin. This is getting to be interesting; we might learn a lesson or two in playing high stake games.


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  1. loslos! ANG dala lang ni nang abogado ni duterte ay special power of attorney. and only requested for balances. not transaction history. etong mga duterte supporters kahit alam niyong hindi totoo. isasarado niyo na ang utak niyo.basta duterte na! daming kasinungalingan nangyayari sa social media ngayon.