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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Because Miriam Santiago has not conceded, Duterte may not be proclaimed President ~SHARE

Watch Atty. Salvador Panelo explain the repercussion of Miriam Santiago's refusal to concede.

If the Robredo - Marcos vote canvassing is not settled by the end of June 2016 because of  Marcos' protest; it is possible that Duterte will not be proclaimed President by June 30, 2016 if Miriam Santiago does not concede.

Roxas, Binay, and Poe have conceded to Duterte and only Miriam has not.

What can be Miriam's reason for not conceding? Does she still expect to win? If she thinks she will win, do you think her expectations are realistic or is it disconnected from reality? Watch the video of Atty. Salvador Panelo as he explains the complications that may result from Miriam actions.

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