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Friday, May 6, 2016

Children used by Trillanes' attack ad: Ad may have a lifetime negative impact on these kids ~SHARE~

POSITIVE AD about love & caring for the children

There are two ads in this post, both ads use the same video clips of children.

One ad has a positive message about providing security for children (shown above) and the other a negative attack ad which appears that the children are directly criticizing Duterte (shown below).

I am deeply bothered by the negative ad's impact on the children. Children do not like to criticize people of authority and when they see themselves on TV appearing to criticize someone who may be president of the Philippines; the child may be traumatize for life.

Aside from that, how will these children be treated by their peers when they return to school or play with other children?  Trillanes never even thought about the repercussions of his actions.

Another question that arises is parental consent. Did the parents of these kids give parental consent and if they did, did they know how the video clips will be edited and used?

Where is DSWD? Why aren't children's right groups up in arms to protect the rights of the children?

I believe that Trillanes' use of children is selfish and shameless.  You be the judge. Watch the video and comment. 


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