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Monday, May 2, 2016

Mar's bank waiver will not allow public scrutiny of his bank records? Read & comment ~SHARE~


Duterte's alleged bank records are open to the public. To be fair, Mar MUST expose his bank records to the public scrutiny too. While true the Mar issued a 'bank waiver', his bank waiver has a 'time limit' and his bank record may not be open to intense public scrutiny because it may be protected by the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

If my assumptions are correct, it is my opinion that the waiver of Mar is a trickery which fools people into thinking that his bank records are open to the public even if it is not. If true, isn't it fair to suspect Mar is hiding something?

This is just my opinion. Please read my reasons and leave a comment if you disagree.

Brick Wall 1:
His full name is  Manuel Araneta Roxas II and with the banks are very strict with names nowadays the affidavit may not even be honored.  So let’s go to the next step, let’s assume the bank will honor it.

Brick Wall 2:
Mar Roxas set a deadline for the investigation. The affidavit states that the bank documents can only be accessed during the period of his candidacy. When does his candidacy expire? Time is needed to thoroughly  investigate.

BrickWall 3:
Mar Roxas limited the people who can access the information.  Only to the BIR and the Ombudsman can review the information, which means that no one else can investigate the documents because this may be protected under the  Data Privacy Act of 2012.

How can other investigators access Roxas’ information and objectively scrutinize these accounts.

The president is a public person, therefore his personal records should be open to public scrutiny. Does this waiver permit public scrutiny?

Finally, if Roxas was a crook; wouldn’t he be stupid to put the assets in his name. Assets can be hidden behind holding companies and dummies which are also protected by the bank secrecy law.

We  demand for a clean government;  all presidentiables and vice presidentiables should subject themselves to perfect unconditional transparency.

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